Two Tribes delays RIVE for Wii U, might come to NX instead

This comes from a NintendoLife interview with Two Tribes' Collin van Ginkel...

First of all, can you talk us through the reasons and thoughts behind RIVE being delayed for Wii U, or perhaps being moved to NX instead?
It's very important to us that Nintendo users will get a great version of RIVE, but unfortunately we don't know at this point when or how we'll be able to deliver this. There are two main reasons for this, one technical and one business related.

The Nindies demo in 2015 was specifically optimized to perform well in hand-picked levels and didn't manage 60FPS consistently. We've added a lot of stuff since then and we haven't been able to reach the performance level required yet. We won't release RIVE unless it's a solid 60FPS, and if that means delaying it to a future platform, we will make that call and make sure Nintendo fans get the perfect experience.

The market has also changed. The game was supposed to ship over a year and a half ago, and things are a lot different now. Nintendo is exiting the Wii U market early in favor of the NX which means a long tail in sales is not looking likely. So that is the business part; do you release a game on a platform in its last days or on a new one that's better suited and can reach gamers for years to come?

How long do you think it'll be before RIVE arrives on Nintendo hardware?

At the moment I can't easily answer that. We're going to try one last time to perfect the Wii U version, but if that fails we'll need to focus on the future.
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This is one of the few Nindies titles I am really looking forward to. Although, this is one of those games that can't go by with framerate issues, so I wouldn't mind it being delayed to NX if it can't continue on Wii U.

Was really looking forward to this title

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This is the same crap they pulled with TT2 on Wii U to delay it from the holiday launch season to April, and look how that ended up performing from them... Unless it's either a NX launch title or if the other versions are being delayed to add polish for the same reason, then I don't see how this will do well at all.

Not that it matters to Two Tribes. This is their final game anyway so they probably don't care about sales.

I for one am not gonna wait for Wii U or NX decision (especially when I don't know if I'll be getting NX or not) and have moved my platform of choice for this game to Xbox One.

Thanks Obama.

Can't use this anymore. The Washington Post said it was officially dead the second Obama himself used it. ^^

Thanks, Mr Trump.


Thank you for the clear and honest information about why it was delayed. All of this makes perfect sense, and I don't mind whichever it releases on, Wii U or NX.

wow that sucks so much . It's obviously based on whatever they did for toki tori 2, so I don't really understand their reasoning. As for exiting it's a good reason but not for those titles, eshop and yes psn and live titles are mainly bought by the more enthusiast consumers, so they'll never not have the most recent system but they are also willing to buy at most time.
although now that i think about it , using the good old "two tribes First on " is a classic move.
that sucks and especially since they don't know what is nx , I'm sure they are going to have like just a little last hiccup .
oh well whatever , it's weird for the eshop wii u releases to end with that

That's okay. The Wii U is dead anyways, so the NX is a fine choice

While I'm not happy that the game is delayed on the Wii U, I'm glad to hear that Two Tribes still wants Rive to make it to a Nintendo platform at some point in the best form possible. I really enjoyed the Nindies at Home demo, so I'm excited to play the full game when they feel it's ready.


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