13 years of Nintendo Power now available on Archive.org

Are you still missing Nintendo Power? Maybe you just missed out on it when it initially ran. Either way, you can now relive the glory of the Nintendo Power days, thanks to Archive.org! Check out every issue of the magazine's first 13 years at the link below.

Check out the collection here

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Just another reason to love that website.

Man, I miss that magazine so much.

Looks like these were archived from retromags.com. Nice to see them mirrored here.

I miss those covers, I mean some were really cheesy, but all of them were so great.

I missed out on the early years. It's nice to have this archived. I can't wait to dive in. (^_^)

I miss it too but in truth I find Nintendo Force to be better. If only it was monthly.

Now THIS is very cool!

Tue Aug 02 16 08:51pm
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Sweet deal! NP started on my birth month. We're like, twins! Check out my pixel costumes and interviews in V272 and v284!

Edit: Whoops. First 13 years.

Mine too! Magazine triplets?

Very cool! I still have a good amount of the ones I subscribed to. I lost some during a move a few years ago. I'll want to collect all of the remaining issues I never got. If anyone is looking to get rid of theirs, please feel free to hit me up.


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