RUMOR: Mario, Pokemon games to arrive on NX in first six months, third party details, specs

Eventually, we'll find out a lot more about Nintendo's next system. When exactly that is to happen no one knows, but for now we have some new rumors and speculation to keep ourselves interested for the time being. MCV this morning released a new report with some interesting details. Please keep in mind these are nothing but rumors at this point:

- Game Freak will announce a new Pokemon NX game to be released in the first six months of the platform's debut
- New Mario game also due out
- Third party support coming in from Sega, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activison and Warner Bros.
- Won't feature cutting edge graphics, but will be somewhere in between a PS3 and PS4. "Won't appeal to PS4 fans" the report says.
- Nintendo still set on getting smartphone gamers to upgrade to consoles

What do you think of these current crop of rumors? Let us know in the comments below!
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No cutting edge graphics?
...and cue the Nintendoomed comments.

I'd be excited for a new 3D Mario game.

It WILL be Nintendoomed if they market this as a new home consoles.

It will be Nintendawesome if they market it as a new handheld, because it's going to have sick specs for a handheld.

Basically, they just need to make sure to market it right, and it will do fine. It's an exciting time if you are a handheld fan. The only ones that get the shaft are those that wanted a PS4 with a Nintendo logo on the box, which would never happen.

Marketing will only really matter if they adopt a blue ocean strategy again.
Nintendo is just trying to save face when they attribute the Wii U's low sales to their poor marketing. The reality is it just didn't have the software to sell itself. Plus Nintendo overestimated their ability to churn out software and the amount of third party support the Wii U would get.

All in all, thry just need to make sure they have a healthy lineup of new software at launch. And, if they really are combining home and handheld console business... at least that will be all their developers working on stuff for a single platform instead of jumping from 3DS to Wii U.

I agree, people, and even Nintendo themselves, exaggerate how much the marketing killed the Wii U. It wasn't the marketing, but rather the poor games and poor console for the price of admission in general.

However as far as NX goes, if it uses a chip that is similar in power to Tegra X1, it won't be anywhere near as powerful as XBox One or PS4, therefore they need to sell it as anything but a home console, because people are going to laugh it off as a joke then. The bandwagon on the internet is too strong. They should absolutely market it as a handheld.

Thu Aug 04 16 05:09pm
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It WILL be Nintendoomed if they market this as a new home consoles.

To be fair, if naysayers want a new Nintendo home console to cost less than $250, then expecting it to be the new leader in graphics is a unrealistic expectation.

It's either affordability or power. They can't have it both ways, because the NX would have to sell at a loss if it tried, and if it flopped at the same time, that would put it in worse straits than the Wii U because it wouldn't be making profit from day 1 like Nintendo wants it to.

And considering the new next-gen Sonic is coming to PS4, XB1, AND NX, (not PS3 or Wii U) I don't think its power is going to be so low that it causes any concern.
At the very least, we know for sure that the home console side of it, if it does indeed have both hand and home to it, will be more powerful than the Wii U was.
And that's what matters most to third party devs, in terms of ports.

The Sonic game doesn't mean much - Sonic Generations came out on PS3, PC and... 3DS. The reason why they are not porting it to the Wii U, PS3 and 360 is because those consoles are dead (or will be dead by holiday 2017 in case of Wii U).

That's one way to view it, but I prefer mine because it presents a more positive and hopeful tone and message.
And when it comes to making a game or system sell better, positive word-of-mouth is very important.
Besides, if those three were truly dead, then they wouldn't be getting a remaster of Darksiders 1.

I want to believe that the NX is getting the new Sonic because the new Sonic is something weaker systems cannot handle.

Thu Aug 04 16 06:40pm
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You can believe whatever you want, I'm not forcing you. I'm just giving you the facts (and opinions) as an industry insider, which I am assuming you are not Smile

You can be as much of an insider as you like, but you're still just as much in the dark about the NX as the rest of us.^_-

That's true, however, I believe I can just make a more educated guess than most.

No more so than anyone here, considering there is nothing official to go on aside from a few confirmed games.

If that helps you sleep at night...

Your snark is only going to weaken whatever point you were trying to make, you know...

Thu Aug 04 16 07:00am
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Game Freak working on a new Pokemon game this quickly after Sun and Moon is the biggest news here. Realistically, it's going to be a new 2D Mario, I'm down for that but I'd much rather have the 3D one first. I'd also not be surprised if there's a new Mario Kart in stores by next holiday.

That'd being said, MCV is pretty good with this kind of stuff. This is most likely real.

EAD Tokyo has had quite some time to work on a new 3D Mario since 3D World... it will have been nearly three and a half years come March. I'm pretty optimistic we'll see a 3D Mario sooner than later in the lifespan of the NX.

Oh, I'm sure it'll happen sooner rather than later, but I think Nintendo will go for the new 2D Mario first because those sell way better than 3D Mario. If it is true that they are trying to appeal to the mass market again, releasing a 2D Mario at or soon after launch is a smart idea to get them on board.

I only hope they're done with New Super Mario Bros if that's the case and are working on a 2D Mario that looks fresh and interesting. But yeah, even NSMB U outsold 3D World despite being so similar to the previous titles.

Thu Aug 04 16 09:45pm
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If it's another Toad-fest, I'm not interested. But this is the EAD Tokyo team we're talking about here.

Its not going to be a new generation. Those coincide with the TV show and each gen gets 3-4 seasons before a new game. It just takes too much time.

However it could be something like Gale of Darkness, or a dumb spin-off game like the Rumble series. Heck if we were super lucky it could be a different version of Sun and Moon with some features that uses the NX's new features (besides better graphics). However pokemon games don't usually appear somewhat early into a new console's life so it's existence on this list makes me doubt it more.

Thu Aug 04 16 07:10am
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'Much Ado About Nothing', as Shakespeare would say.

I mean I know the Nintendo news are quite slow right now, but after a while there has to be something to talk about whose content isn't based on NOTHING CONCRETE as proof

"Won't feature cutting edge graphics, but will be somewhere in between a PS3 and PS4." - I hope this is bullshit... I would like to think it is... But it is Nintendo. I don't care so much personally, but it would be nice to not have to buy another console just to feed the hunger for amazing graphics. But also for the sake of the console.

It's absolutely not bullshit. Nintendo can't afford to sell an expensive console mid-gen, and if it's a handheld hybrid as they are saying, it simply can't have cutting edge graphics for a home console. Basically no matter what the reports say, not having graphics better than PS4 (which is by no means cutting edge) is a given.

They can afford anything. It's not mid-gen ffs, it's towards the end of it. They are just early. Yes if there is a separate handheld console then IT wont have it but if it has some kind of power to be added in the home it can. "not having graphics better than PS4 ... is a given." There's the bullshit. Can't even laugh you're so ridiculous.

OK, just promise me not to cry when it's weaker than PS4 Smile

If it's more than a handheld or not held back because it also is it, it will be. If not, I wont be surprised but I'll be sad for Nintendo's sake.

Well if it's a hybrid as the rumors say, the 'guts' of the system will be on the handheld, so obviously it won't be as powerful as a home console.

But something could be added at home to make it stronger is what I'm saying.

That would make the console more expensive, and harder to port games to it, so I don't think it's even an option.

I hope you're right. But then if it's not a handheld it'll be stronger than PS4 for sure.

If it's not a handheld then yes, but I'm sure Nintendo will want to unify their library in a hybrid, it just makes sense.

"somewhere in between a PS3 and PS4"

... ew

Thu Aug 04 16 08:07am
Rating: 2

I barely notice any difference between the PS3 and PS4. Past the PS4, it's superficial.

Thu Aug 04 16 10:02am
Rating: 1

People for whatever reason forget that power doesn't only affects graphics. It affects draw distances, how many objects you can render on screen, physics engines, and more that all add to the gameplay. (Not to mention the ability of being able to support third parties of course)

If you can't tell a difference between those two consoles well... I don't think you have very good eye sight. But I do agree, going past the PS4 will be such a minor change that it will be negligible.

I just feel most retail games I've played are something I may be able to play on the previous consoles mechanically.

I mean I'm playing the Phantom Pain now and did that didn't also come to the 360 and ps3?

Then I'll catch on GTA V.

.... I hope FFXV runs well since the demo turned into a slideshow, and the Last Guardian belongs to this gen or the last.

P.S. I know the best selling games rely on graphics (FIFA, COD, AC etc.). Sadly I'm on the minority than don't buy those.

Yeah, about the so-called FF15 Platinum Demo...

It already reeks of desperation from the developers' part to put an 'ORDER THE FULL GAME NOW' option in your demo's main menu and ending. Just sayin'

It's very common I mean Federation Force also has a button to go to the eShop.

What feels desperate is just focusing on the tech and not the gameplay. The demo mainly was focused on showing the lighting engine, weather effects and while the last fight was entertaining the others felt button mashing in nature with enemies that barely attack you. (Though you don't use the adult version of the character).

I'm worried the game once again will feel like Square Enix wants to show off rather to make a good game or a good story. The graphics look good but nothing else is grabbing me.

Thu Aug 04 16 07:11pm
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What worries me the most is that the combat system here is dangerously close to Kingdom Hearts... I mean, trying to be their own original Final Fantasy experience is kind of hard if KH's combat scheme is seemingly recycled, weird camera angles and all

Yeah, I hope there's some strategy involved since so far it looks very simple and dumb. One button to attack and one to evade. Magic is used with items, and at times you apparently can use enemy turrets. The more I think it the more I see it like kind of a mess.

Also while not looking like it'll have corridor progression like XIII the world looks lacking on activities across big extensions of land. I mean, wasn't that what had worried a lot of people in regards to BotW, before seeing the demo?

That was during the grace period where people didn't migrate over to the new consoles, so there was no reason to make games that would take advantage of new hardware, forcing them to be exclusive, when most of the consumer base was still using their old consoles. So it's not a fair comparison.

Now that last gen has been completely dropped, and we're getting current gen-only games, you'll start seeing devs take adavntage of the hardware. So I agree that (as far as I've seen) there isn't much difference mechanically right now but that should change soon.

Thu Aug 04 16 02:12pm
Rating: 1

The iterative console notion though makes me feel a bit sceptic. Since it seems for a while we have just made the same games but prettier. The cinematic angle also has lost a bit of it's flare since it also has been the same type of stories.

I think like in art deconstruction and alternative art styles feel more exciting than chasing the things the push the most visuals on screen. I mean a game that looks a bit exciting a bit different is Abzu, and No Man's Sky, both games seem to push the tech stuff more than the graphical stuff.

Since I'm no engineer I can't tell if what Nintendo is doing hinders both. But if I had to choose I'll like for Nintendo to push more the things that does affect how a game plays more than how a game looks.

Hardware affects both of those things. Example, Zelda BotW was running slow in some places, even though the art style is cartoonish and doesn't have insane texture files. Why? Because it has to render plenty of objects on screen, that have physics applied to them, and has to render a wide area to appear like an endless world with no obvious tell tale signs of "THIS AREA ENDS HERE". If you don't have enough power then you won't be able to render longer distances without having to load specific areas (like every other 3D Zelda), won't be able to have that many objects on screen, or will have to sacrifice a physics engine to render more characters/objects.

Basically, look at the difference between Hyrule Warriors on 3DS versus Wii U to understand what more power, or a lack of power affects a game.

Basically, look at the difference between Hyrule Warriors on 3DS versus Wii U to understand what more power, or a lack of power affects a game.

I know because more often than not it happens in a PS4, running a visually impressive game. That or 3-5 taking it load that map.

I can't tell how hard Nintendo puts it to other developers, but they do know how to take advantage of the hardware they make.

Actually, it hasn't been. Japan is still making PS3 versions of games.

Ya but how many games is that exactly, and from who? I can't think of any AAA dev that's still supporting the old consoles, and if someone is, it's negligible compared to the rest of the industry.

Worldwide yes. But Japan exclusive titles might still sell on PS3 I think even some japanese small devs support more the Vita in there. Also Sony releases some PS1 classics on the PS3 than on the PS4.

Priorities I suppose.

The latest Dragon Quest Heroes released on PS4 and PS3 (and vita)... but the PS4 version sold more, so this might be one of the last wave of PS3 games.

Clearly, your eyes need a check up if you notice no difference. Not saying it's as significant as it was from PS2 to PS3, or PS1 to PS2, but let's not be daft.

I wear glasses, so yes I do have a vision problem. Bleh!

Same here ;) I can still tell though.

My problem is more...I have no freaking clue how programming anything works

You don't really need to in order to appreciate the quite big leap. I mean if you think about it, in terms of tech PS4 and XBone are far stronger than the previous generation by a huge margin, since the previous consoles lasted way too long. It's just that they don't have a visual difference that immediately pops because we mostly use the same techniques, just with everything ramped up to 11.

There are a lot of non-visual things that are improved with more power like better AI and such.

IMO indie games benefit the most since they can make their games snappier, have a huge margin of error to put a lot of enemies or effects and patch any issues.

Retail games have annoy me in how long the loading times are, how long the update times get, and how long it gets for some games to get good. Several opening moments in modern games are incredibly slow to build on a mood.

Also my disappointment so far was how Arkham City feels like a more memorable place than the Gotham City of Arkham Knight. The game is a technical marvel but somehow it feels less unique in terms of what we had in the first two games. (Also the lack of any attempt at making a boss fight felt underwhelming).

This is also true. Indies can also take advantage of it.

I have not played Arkham Knight, so I have no idea on that front. Shouldn't the city be mostly the same from the other games? Not sure I understand. It has no bossfights?

No the other city was a part of the city that was made into a prison for criminals to kill each other. The thing was in that space they added a lot of interesting places like the Icerberg Lounge, a museum, a police station, a steel mill, a courthouse and an underground steampunk city.

Arkham Knight has a chinatown that's mainly windowdressing, and expanded Ace Chemicals which you can't access after completing that mission, a pair of blimps, an imitation of the statue of liberty and lots and lots construction sites.

If there's anything Rocksteady struggled in their Batman games it was boss fights. Mainly consisting on burly strong men that you had to evade for them to crash with a wall or something electric. In Arkham Knight the only boss fights were either a one-shot enemy in a stealth section and a burly man that you had to punch along with a partner character to take him down. It's very disappointing the closure of the game is totally scripted.

Ah I see. Thank you for expanding on this.

I pray that this will be true for Ni No Kuni's sequel since it's on the PS4

I never got to play the original, but it looked fantastic.

The very last thing I want to hear about is processing specs. I mean, the mushroom kingdom is not wanting for more GPU these days, and third parties have to deal with a kind of demand for graphics that is now so far beyond the interests of Nintendo as a game maker. So bring on the next handheld and the next Mario and Zelda Adventure and leave the rest to Sony and MS' insatiable console war

Thu Aug 04 16 07:38am
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That makes it pretty much official that the NX is a handheld or a hybrid. Game Freak said a couple of years ago that they will never make a home console game.

- New Mario game also due out

That's not how you spell Wave Race.

That or F-Zero would be a GREAT way to grab some early attention. Racing games have been totally dormant the last generation (or two) so there's a lot of potential there. All we got on Wii U was mario kart and across the other modern platforms... Forza?

I'll like if the Mario Kart 8 team decided to make either of those. Though GX is a tall order game to get as right considering it was a collaborative game with Sega.

I wonder if Nintendo could use the new Zelda physics engine in either of these games.

Me: Huh why does this have a negative rating?

*reads "Won't feature cutting edge graphics, but will be somewhere in between a PS3 and PS4".


If you believe the previous NX rumors that came out, then you should also believe in the "dock" station and how it might be possible for that to have more "power" when the handheld is placed in it when you want to play games on the TV. There are also the SCD patents which can give additional power for those who want it ( assuming this patent actually goes through).

Those rumors stated that the console wont get more power when docked ( I don't beleive most of these rumors anyway)

The docking station won't have additional power. It's too impractical and would increase the price too much.

Game freak are not known to release games on new hardware ever, so I'm pretty skeptical about that part. For the rest, we will see when the real info come. Even if the source is legit, there is always the possibility that it's said in a misleading manner (or that the one saying it is saying it wrong). So I'll wait and see.

Miyamoto said in response to being asked about Mario, "Maybe next E3 we'll be able to share something."

That doesn't sound like a game that would be ready for release by September.

Why not? They show at E3 and release it in December. Just can't see how that is impossible or unlikely considering how long ago 3D world came out.

He said
"...hopefully you'll see a new kind of Mario in about a year or two,"
"Maybe next E3 we'll be able to share something."

So it sounds like it will be further out than 6 months.

Actually E3 is in June and 6 months after NX launch is late September, therefore they could very well show it at E3 and have it released within the timeframe the article is talking about...

The "or two" sounds to me that sounds that he's unsure of how far away they are from finishing. Just giving a ballpark figure than a concrete accurate timeframe.

We also could've seen Zelda at a number of events but they canned those too, despite them constantly saying they had something to show.
I'm doubtful they would show it off and release it within the same year.

He's ambiguous on purpose because he doesn't want to say something he regrets in case they need to delay the project. Also, maybe the report is talking about a Mario Maker enhanced remaster OR some other 2D Mario that releases with the console, and not the one Miyamoto was talking about. Nintendo definitely has plans for more than 1 Mario on NX after all.

Quite possible. "Mario" could mean like... 50 different things, lol.

There will probably be an NX Neo in 2019

Thu Aug 04 16 12:38pm
Rating: 1


It's already stupid enough that Sony and Microsoft are already pulling this stunt with their latest machines, let's not make this a depressing 3-leg race...

Oh boy, oh boy. Here we go again.

Hmmz. No EA support.

"Between PS3-PS4"? XO level graphics after all :D

If this is the hybrid console then the Pokemon NX will sell this like pure madness alone.

Just warning you in advance, so you don't get disappointed.

"Between PS3-PS4" won't be XBox One graphics. XBox one is only slightly weaker than PS4. It will more likely be about 2x more powerful than Wii U, which is still nowhere near XBox One, but still very impressive for a handheld.

I was actually joking, but I know sarcasm doesn't always come through on the net. ;)

Fair enough. I agree about Pokemon, but it's probably going to be a port (or 3rd entry) of Sun/Moon. It should still do well though.

Thu Aug 04 16 01:57pm
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Was just thinking. Maybe it's not BC with the U, but owrhaps withe the 3DS. So Sun/Moon could be playable from day one. Maybe with some NX upgrades or whatever.

As usual, I'm playing with ideas here. But Pokemon on a hybrid would sell great.

If hybrid they should afford at least n XO-ish power range. Would satisfy a lot of gamers.

But I guess it'll be a Wii U+

It would be difficult to achieve XBox One power on a handheld. Not that the tech is not there, it's just that it would be too expensive. I think backwards compatibility with 3DS is a very strong possibility, but given how strong the NX is, it will only really be fun to play 3DS games on the go, they would be too low res for home console.

If it is more handheld than console and is 3DS BC, then I"demand" 3D effect (I love it! I know many don't, but they can turn it off).

About the XO power.. Don't think so, but I am hoping (if all this is a little bit true) and the costs aren't THAT bad, then we'll see.

But a "Two Wii Us ducktaped together" could be possible.

I'm really expecting it to be about 2x Wii U in power, but with a much more modern architecture of CPU and GPU, which would have added benefits of being very low power ( = good battery life ) and low cost. If they manage to keep it at the $199 mark, it's bound to sell quite a bit if there's enough software.

"it's bound to sell quite a bit if there's enough software."

.... yeaaaahhhh.... And this is actually the main of the main points.

Retro should really show of what they are up to at the official announcement after all these years of silence.

EA is basically out, unless the NX has mobile-ish support (Pokemon GO NX... C'mooon)

Square? Uhm... FF7 remake???

Activison? Uhm...Ubi... Uhm...Party games?

I get a skeptical feling here... BUT

Platinum! They can do it. Those, with Retro, I actually trust.

According to this rumor, Square Enix is on board, which could mean we could see a number of ports like Hitman, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and... FF7 remake of course. Could also mean that we'll only get stuff like Theatrhythm. I'm not holding my hopes up for 3rd party. The only ones that seem to ever stick with Nintendo are more niche ones that create hidden gems that would likely be lost on other systems.

The Wii had some of the best "hidden gems" those years back. Wii U had it's gems too. Dreamcast... Oh dear...

MAybe the NX will go this route again because of the Nintendoness of the console(?) and the few, unique yet amazing exclusives it may get... Ok.. Now I'm dreaming.

Why the complaints? If it is a handheld console, graphics between PS3 and PS4 sounds like a nice deal o_O

Thu Aug 04 16 08:56am
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Probably because of the console/portable hybrid. Nintendo will try to market this as a console, wich will upset many if its not on par with current gen specs

What implies that Nintendo will market it as a console if the main gimmick is movility and portability?

Thu Aug 04 16 12:43pm
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It's possible. If what these people say are true, this would be the only system nintendo will have, instead of a console and portable separately, which will make them try to cater both markets

Why would they market it as a home console? That would be suicide. It's extremely powerful for a handheld but extremely weak for a home console. I don't think Nintendo is stupid, they will play their cards right.

Is probably by market as a home console (Iwata said that NX is going to be a home console), cause in west countries handhelds doesn't sell well. But probably the price point of this can get the attention of many, specially if it has a lot of games onboard. Also this can't be market as a handheld because is going to be bulky.

We don't really know its size yet, although I do imagine it won't be very small.

If they market it as a home console then I'm worried that people won't consider it due to being too underpowered. The XBox One costs around $250 these days and people will prefer that to NX if it's more expensive.

yeah the price must be in 199 dollars if they market it as a home console, I suppose is going to be like "hey this a portable home console!" doesn't will make much sense, but I guess they are going to target the ipad/tablets audience more than the smartphone audience.

I don't think I like this idea of marketing it towards mobile/tablet users. I doubt they have any interest in buying a dedicated home console. Besides, they will already be carrying their mobile, tablet, are they also going to carry an NX...? I dunno, this has all the red flags I could think of.

I think it's because people were expecting a home console that will compete with PS4 and XBone. However Nintendo has made it clear that they have no intention of competing with them, so I don't know why anyone would expect a powerful machine.

Thu Aug 04 16 08:47am
Rating: 2

It's just really uncomfortable to see rumors like this because PS4 is not even remotely cutting edge or ever was so when you see them say it's a lot worse it's just mind blowing.

Well, it's cutting edge for a handheld. If they can sell this handheld powerhouse for $200 it would easily be mind blowing at least for me. Might not be for everyone, though.

we know that a new mario game is coming, miyamoto said it a long time ago. he said something like a new type of mario game.

if this NX is the succesor of the 3DS and there will be two consoles from Nintendo, one portable and the other the home console then good. but if they are releasing just one console/handheld with those specs, man this will be bad.

it will be between a PS3 and a PS4. soo a Wii U again??

Don't care about the system being between a PS3 and PS4 in power personally, I understand it needs to be affordable and Nintendo knows how to take full advantage of their system's visual fidelity, no worries there.

The PS4/XB1 are affordable and profitable... the tech has been out for 3 years.

Not "Nintendo affordable". This thing cannot be any more than $199, in my opinion, especially if this is going to be the marketed as a portable.

A sequel set or third version for Sun and Moon I can see happening next year, sure.

Too early for the Gen IV Remakes yet.

That's exactly what I'm expecting. Maybe the mysterious Pokemon Rainbow is the 3rd version and it's on NX?

The best way for me to not feel "down" about the spec rumors of the NX is to stop thinking of it as a console that is portable...and think of it as a 3DS successor instead that can be played on the TV.

Then I get thinking "WOW! The new Nintendo handheld is almost as powerful as a PS4!" Which sounds much better.

Thu Aug 04 16 10:14am
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In between PS3/4 is incredible if NX is primarily a handheld console.

We've always had to buy both a handheld and a console to enjoy everything Nintendo has to offer in a generation, and for the last two gens we've had to buy an Xbox or PlayStation if we wanted everything the wider industry has to offer. At least now we only need to buy one Nintendo system and then choose between Xbox/PS/PC if the rumours are true.

Getting all the third party support that the other systems enjoy was always going to be tough going so abandoning that hope is for the best. Nintendo games will look stellar as they already do on Wii U (MK8, 3D World, BOTW to name a few look incredible), it'll be powerful enough for indies to bring most of their games over and Japanese developers will support it as they do the 3DS and Vita if its core focus is being a handheld. It sounds great to me. The dream of having a Nintendo system that plays everything and Nintendo games is something so difficult to realise that this direction sounds ideal.

I agree, but we still need to see what Nintendo has to offer. On one hand, it's great that we'll have everything on the same platform (and hopefully it will also be affordable so a lot of people will get on board), but on the other hand, what if they scale down the experiences so they are more handheld in style? I want more games like BotW, and less games like Mario 3D Land. In a perfect world, we'd be getting a lot of both, but I'm not sure. We'll see...

more than rumor sounds like speculations. Power between PS3 and PS4 is very subjective, both Wii U and Xbone are between those. Also saying is going to be a new Mario is very subjective also, could be a Mario Maker port which we already heard in the past, or can be anything with Mario related (Mario Party, Mario tennis, Paper Mario, etc...), but the most strange and unreal about this rumor is a new Pokemon game from Gamefreak, we have Sun and Moon already for this fall, the only thing that this could be real, is if they are porting Sun and Moon for NX which would be weird and I don't think is going to happen.

Well less power has worked for Nintendo more often than not. I mean the Gamecube and Wii U were their attempts to sell on power and are their worse selling consoles.

At the very least if they can release games at a better pace it'll be the right call.

That's because they either half-assed it (Wii U, which was actually the weakest of this gen, it just came out a year earlier) or had multiple hindrances (Gamecube). Please stop perpetuating that the correlation between Nintendo and their failing consoles is due to power. The NES and SNES weren't slouches and they sold well so what's the excuse for that?

I wrote a comprehensive list of the things Nintendo did to shoot themselves in the face with nearly each generation that led to the decline of their hardware sales, and why those failed: http://www.ign.com/blogs/shmuga9/2016/06/20/theres-no-basis-for-3rd-parties-dont-sell-on-nintendo

I think it is, since they'll always be hindrances, they always want to do their own thing and even if they had the same tech as the others that doesn't mean they'll offer the same things in the same way.

Like online play for example, that was one of the reasons the GC fall behind the Xbox. It's something they haven't improved as efficiently as the competition. Then there's also their image, another thing that made the GC less appealing it's that it looked like a toy. They don't make the same types of commercials as the other two. Also I'm not implying power but the SNES did sold less than the NES (it's a coincidence but a funny one considering that's debatably the best system they ever made).

I'll be honest as much as I love Nintendo, there is a dark part of me that wants this to flop.

Going by history maybe, the path has been a downward slope.

I don't want it to flop, but I'm very nervous about this.



Thu Aug 04 16 12:48pm
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Game Freak isn't known for immediately jumping onto new hardware, but it could potentially be a spin-off of some sort or a port of Sun/Moon. Game Freak has never made a spin-off game themselves, so that isn't super likely. A port is a bit more so, however. Since rumoured lack of backward compatibility means that Sun/Moon isn't in a Black/White 2 situation where owners of successor hardware could still play it, a port may be Game Freak's solution to that. Honestly, I wouldn't be skeptical of this story at all if they just didn't say "Game Freak".

Everything else is pretty believable to me. Major Super Mario titles have revealed and released months after their initial reveal, with Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D World springing to mind. Three of the companies listed here have franchises that have recently done well on Nintendo hardware, exceptions being Activision and Square Enix, and two (Sega and Ubisoft) have already announced titles for the platform. The power thing lines up with previous rumours that put it between the Wii U and XBO, so it feels like they just widened the power range in this report to hedge their bets. And Nintendo trying to get smartphone gamers to upgrade to console gaming has been the openly-stated modus operandi since they've embraced the platform.

I'm just not sure if the handheld route is the direction Nintendo should be going as the dedicated handheld market isn't dead but it's not a growing market either.

And I think Nintendo is crazy if they think they can convert smartphone users into consoles users. It'll be the same mistake they made when they thought they could take those Wii Sports, Brain Age, Nintendogs, etc type gamers and get them into Mario and Zelda.

But I'm not going to rush into judgement yet and I'll wait until the reveal to see how much it's going to cost and the games it'll have.

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