Platinum once again shows interest in Bayonetta 3

A portion of a Kotaku interview with Platinum Games co-founder Atsushi Inaba...

KOTAKU: Well, Konami still has the IP and [Platinum Games] did a good job making Rising. So, if you had the chance to making Rising 2, would you want to make it?

INABA: For any time, if we have the chance to make a sequel, we want to do it. There is no title we don’t want to make a sequel for. So, of course, we want to make Bayonetta 3 and Vanish 2. So, yes, we want to make sequels.


Bayonetta 3 confirmed for NX. There, I said it.

I would love a Bayonetta 3 for the NX!

I was hoping it would be a launch title, but unless they're pulling a fast one on us, I guess they're not currently making one. :/ If Nintendo was courting hardcore gamers and the NX is to be a powerful console, a Bayonetta 2 + 3 bundle (similar to the Bayonetta & Bayonetta 2 bundle) would bring over some of those gamers for sure, like when they all whined about Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive...

It would be better if they made a new IP that has wider appeal than Bayonetta, but if not, Bayonetta 3 would work.

I show no interest in Bayonetta 3 Sad (gore + sadistic = meh). What about Okami and The Wonderful 101? And yeah, I don't mean to hate on it, I'm glad it's been such a success among the community.

Same here tbh, it's a bit of a niche game anyway, just like most Platinum stuff. Bayonetta 3 wouldn't personally make me any more interested in NX than I already am.

Do Platinum games move systems?

I think the case would be the same regardless of what sequel they make. I mean also after Star Fox Zero, I'll like them fully taking the direction of the franchise just to see if it can get more intense.

Bayonetta 3 would definitely sell some NX systems, but it would not be a significant amount. When people are talking system sellers, they are usually talking in millions. For example, I think Breath of the Wild is going to be a system seller for NX. Bayonetta 3 wouldn't be a system seller, but it would diversify the library which equals more sales even if it's not as direct as BotW.

Well it'll be interesting if the IOS games are a thing if that will diversify the library for casuals. At this point it feels Nintendo wants to catch again that market, which is also may be the goal of their own mobile games to advertise their core franchises.

I'm afraid mobile games on it won't do anything. Everyone already has a mobile if they want to play them. I hope that rumor is wrong.

I do not like the notion but going by Pokemon Go, it kinda feels they want to tap to that market and sell a cheap hardware having deeper experiences of their mobile initiative.

Succeeding or not, going by the rumors and what they have said in the past it's a possibility that's what they're aiming for.

Which at this point I feel lukewarm at best, since that could mean they'll aim for smaller cheaper games.

But who knows, I just hope the rumor about September being the unveiling month is true since waiting later would mean being buried by the heavy hitters of this year.

Yeah, if Nintendo moves to smaller and cheaper titles then I have absolutely no interest in that and they are dead to me. Hopefully that won't happen.

Wonderful 101 would be great to have another, but Capcom owns Okami. It may be harder to get another one of those...

Yes! Okami would be awesome! Broader appeal and easier on the graphics hungry part. I could definitely see this one as a sales driving game!

Since they didn't do Okami 2 on the Wii U which would be perfect (Gamepad for celestial brush), I'm not very hopeful, but who knows. I think Okami will return one day, it's a good IP, so it would be a waste if it didn't. Especially now that Zelda has evolved into something completely different, that space is less crowded.

I personally didn't find Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 really all that gory or naughty after all the hype. It wasn't really titillating and it wasn't shocking. I don't play many games that have blood and T&A, either, so I don't think it's a matter of me being used to it. But I hear you about Okami! Another one would be cool.

Surprising considering how poorly Bayonetta 2 sold.

It has sold over 1 million in retail alone. That's not poor at all for a niche action title. If anything, it's great sales. Along with digital, we are looking at a 10% attach rate or so.

It's considered poor by anyone in sales. 1 million units sold since its release in September 2014 is arguably terrible. We can agree to disagree however it doesnt mean the game is bad. The game was reviewed favorably but Nintendo did little to no advertising push for it so its not a surprise.

Fri Aug 05 16 01:41am
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What's more important to them is profit.
If it makes them money (and it's worthwhile), they'll do it. Games at launch tend to sell better because there's a higher chance that early adopters will pick up other games to go along with their system, especially if it's an exclusive game that isn't a late port or has poor to mediocre reviews.

You're right about game advertisements helping...but this is where Nintendo is very poor at doing. Many negative things greatly affected this generation (including console sales, first party game sales, rushed games, games not made as well as they could be, lower scores, etc.) are Nintendo's fault.

Bayonetta 2 is a great game. It didn't have that much marketing push behind it. What's worse is that there aren't that many games similar to it on the Wii U. Bayonetta 2 shouldn't be the only game of its kind there. Whenever someone asks about other games similar to it, people usually (almost always) point to games on other non-Nintendo consoles. If you want fans of action titles to buy a Wii U, and NX or whatever other console Nintendo games, you have to have a lot more that what's usually offered. What's for them to play once they've finished it? Going the opposite directions, if Nintendo Action games X, Y, Z were there, and people were looking for more, many would most likely jump at the chance to refer Bayonetta 1 & 2, because of how friggin' fantastic they are, which in turn helps the games sell better.

Nintendo don't really make games like Bayonetta, but they could start doing it going forward. Unfortunately, they most likely won't, and for many gamers, this gives them the perfect reason, or one of many, to not care about Nintendo consoles, and many of those reasons are why the Xbox One and PS4 are both outselling the Wii U.

This is, to me and lots of other people, why a high volume of GOOD 3rd party games are so, so, so important to the success of any platform and the happiness of its user base. Check out the library of the NES, SNES, PSOne, PS2, GameBoy, DS, etc., etc. It clearly shows that this is one of the key reasons why people buy video game consoles...period.

I'm not about loyalty. I'm not blind fan who buys into everything my "favorite" company says and does. If the NX doesn't have the games or has other technological and physical problems, not many people, including myself, are not going to buy it.

Bayonetta 3 on the NX should be one of many games like it on that system -- not just the only one. If not funded by Nintendo, and if the NX turns out to be far under-powered compared to the other consoles, if a multiplatform Bayonetta 3 is made, expect it to follow the trend of being only for PS4 (Neo), Xbox One (Scorpio), and PC.

Appreciate your input.

1 million sales on a console with absolutely awful sales is not that bad. The game is not high budget, so it didn't need to sell 5-10 million to be profitable. Get over it.

"Get over it?" Get over what? Im fine, im just pointing out an observation. Don't take things like sales personally.

Vanquish 2.

you need to play the first one!

Nintendo should fund a sequel to Vanquish and include the first game.

Also if there's a Bayonetta 3 will be a sequel to 2 or 1 again?

Once you make a part 2, you gotta have a 3rd title and have a trilogy. They should do it on the NX. If the rumored Tegra chip is said to be integrated, then there would be no problems porting over the first Metal Gear Rising which is already a TegraZone game.

They making this thing for the NX.

Last time they were like "oh yes, I would love to make a Star Fox game".

Turns out, the were actually making one...

Actually, they were talking about the Starfox game long before they actually worked on the game. Perhaps there were talks about it though.

"Vanish 2"

kotaku plz

Bayonetta 3 vs Zelda: BOFW on release day?

HArd choice there, but I would go B3 as how I know myself. Would also appreciate a W102 and a Vanquish 2 though.

What would the story of Bayonetta 3 be? Some specualte it's a lot with Jeanne when B has her... Ok.. No spilers.

And for the sales of BAyo 2: IS there an official sales number? I hear more and more that it sold more than one mill, and that for a niche game on a low selling console is pretty damn good.

Wait, Inaba is open to Vanquish 2?

Nintendo, jump on this, now.


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