Nintendo looking for new employees to handle console/portable marketing at retail

Nintendo has some new hardware coming down the pipeline, and while fans are still waiting to learn some solid details on the incoming tech, it's clear that Nintendo is already thinking about things from a marketing approach. Nintendo has posted two job listings, one for 'Lead, Retail Marketing Portables' and the other for 'Lead, Retail Marketing Consoles'. I'm sure these positions will handle some Wii U and 3DS work when hired, but more than likely these new employees will see the bulk of their work coming from NX. Thanks to Shadowbuster for the heads up!

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Tue Aug 09 16 04:43pm
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Hopefully they get someone who actually knows how to market something.

Yeah, because their retail handling was clearly the problem, not the marketing strategy in general.

It certainly was a problem even if it wasn't the problem. I imagine retail handling would include product placement negotiations, demo station availability and maintenance, and POS displays. All which are poor compared against Sony's and Microsoft's retail presence.

Perhaps, but in this day and age, I think that's the least of it. Back in the 90's, retail handling was a lot more important than it currently is.

I wonder if it's anything to read into for NX...probably not, but I bet people will. Haha.

It's not, but people that don't believe in the hybrid have already twisted this as an argument. It's funny to watch, they must be really desperate.

Obviously it's related to the NES mini and a future 3DS micro. :p

I mean, personally, I would prefer a separate console and handheld. But I'm just waiting for Nintendo to announce it so we can actually know for a fact what the hell it is haha.

I personally want a console that has a lot of great games. I think splitting in two consoles would just spread them too thin and they wouldn't be able to create enough games for either or would end up abandoning one of the two (similar with how they abandoned the Wii U in favour of the 3DS). If it's a high powered handheld like what the rumours are suggesting, that's alright by me. I just hope we'll get more games like BotW and it won't just be low budget handheld style titles.

They've been fine in the past with 2 consoles. I don't believe they really abandoned the Wii U for the 3DS. They both had similar amounts of releases from Nintendo. I would attribute it more to the Wii U not selling as well as they hoped. They still supported the console, we just noticed more how lacking it can be with only Nintendo games and no others.

It'll be interesting to see if they can pull off BotW on a handheld, even if it is a powerful handheld. I'm skeptical it could be more powerful than a Wii U.

They've been fine in the past with 2 consoles because those two consoles were not HD and didn't have massive development costs & development time for each new title. The Wii U got a few games, but, really, it was mostly on life support with lower budget games (2D platformers, Platinum, etc). It never got the big AAA budget games it deserved, and the single biggest one is going to launch on NX as well, and will be seen as more of an NX game anyway, as people are not going to buy a dead console to play it on.

So, with the NX, if they actually released a console that is more powerful than Wii U, and a handheld that is also around the power of Wii U (see Tegra rumors), they would have a MASSIVE shortage of games, because even the handheld ones would take longer to develop. This gen they were able to at least pad out the schedule a bit with smaller games becuase at least the 3DS titles were easier to develop. Imagine having 2 consoles, both of which require Wii U level games.

Maybe. They may have learned and figured out what works though. It remains to be seen overall.

Rather than a hybrid, it would be interesting to see a handheld and a console that play the same games. Different textures and models and such to make up for the lack of equivalent power in the handheld. That's be my ideal, personally. But if the rumored hybrid can impress me, I know it would be Nintendo that could do it.

Wed Aug 10 16 02:42pm
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There wouldn't be a point of making two consoles that play the same games in different settings, because then they would have to put extra effort in each game, and since they would be HD games to begin with, they would take quite a bit of development time in the first place. And sure, Nintendo would be willing to pu t that extra effort, but what about third parties? They wouldn't like this at all. It would be better if both of them were exactly equal in power, in which case, might as well do the hybrid idea and have just one console that does both.

Eh. Agree to disagree.

Imagine having 2 consoles, both of which require Wii U level games.

Trying hard NOT to laugh.

Tegra Rumors are Just that, rumors. And a user pointed out that even IF they used Tegra 2, it Still wouldn't be enough(power wise, to meet the demands of 'real' third party; NOT third party, as in, Mobile Apps which is what I assume they mean if we go by what Kimishima said and by what's practical in the sense concerning the rumor). When I asked "IF NOT Tegra, then what WOULD be enough?" they fell silent.

We should Know what NX is by October 4 at the latest. Otherwise, some reliable European source is going to lose some cred.
So far(based on bits and pieces we DO know, compounded by shear lack of launch lineup game previews), it looks like it may turn out even worse than some of us think it will, and that's saying something.

What are you talking about...? I didn't say that the NX will be running Tegra X1, it might be running something else, but it's a fact that no matter what it's running, the handheld would be closer to Wii U in power than 3DS, ergo, it would require higher budget games. Having to manage two consoles that are close to Wii U in power would be suicide.

What are you talking about...? I didn't say that the NX will be running Tegra X1

a handheld that is also around the power of Wii U (see Tegra rumors)

¬_¬. Trying to recover, using semantics.

The Manufacturing Article, NOT labled Rumor, had a user that Pointed out that it was Too Early to use Tegra2 and that it could only be Tegra1, IF Tegra at all. Though I recall the other source(European, with many users standing behind it's reliability) said it would Use Tegra. Combining both, ergo, suggests that it HAS to be Tegra 1, IF Tegra at all. If not, at least one of those sources is wrong. Compound all this with Nintendo's consistently known practices of cutting corners since the Wii Era.

Going to swing by this one, while I'm here:

they would have a MASSIVE shortage of games

Not UNLESS they plan on shovelware Trash apps making up most of their game linup. AND that's backed by what Kimishima said about a new system to get more games out much faster, compounded by the confirmation that the NX will be able to play Nintendo Mobile Titles. I posted in the past 3 possible theories about what that system could be, in the possible/practical sense, and one of the worst case scenarios was the Mobile Trash App Shovelware one. AND Now, they are talking about Hiring Retail Leads and as I recall, The guy or gal at the Department store used that title in conversation that I picked up on when someone asked them about their job. Works IN the Store, but not AT the store.

the handheld would be closer to Wii U in power than 3DS

And in EITHER case, it won't satisfy 3rd parties*.
*UNLESS, they consider Mobile shovelware Trash Apps to be, 3rd parties.

Having to manage two consoles that are close to Wii U in power would be suicide.

Having to Manage even 1 console or even a Portable with laughable specs like that in this day and age would also be considered that. If the WiiU isn't even doing well now, what makes you possibly think it would even be viable 6 months from now? Tech specs are rising quicker each season now. We finally have the 4 Terabyte portable drives commercially available. And by this time Next year, we may even start seeing Solid State Portable Drives starting at 1 or half a Terabyte commercially available. They are already phasing out regular drives in favor of Solid State, bout time if you ask me. So your red flag would be if they actually use regular drives for storage, as opposed to Solid state, provided it isn't Timeshare/stream/DRM key/Account based.

Their track record shows they are constantly making big mistakes. BoTW is Still on WiiU, so that may just be the last Good decision they make/made. We still don't know what the NX is, but we will soon. I for one am sitting in the life bout with my ceremonial shears, just waiting for a reason to cut the line from the main ship if/before it sinks. In the sense, I already jumped ship. I Can jump back on, but with each passing day, and each bad decision they make, I'd rather just stay in the boat and wait it out.

Wed Aug 10 16 05:31pm
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You are just another whiny entitled gamer and have no idea what you are talking about. I have no interest in arguing with you. For the record, I don't even disagree with everything you said, however the way you say them means that your mind is made up, regardless of knowing anything about the subject (you don't).

Tue Aug 09 16 05:44pm
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Nintendo Phone, Confirmed? Why with the sudden interest Now? I see them doing this for Cable/satellite Services and Phone Services at Deportment stores. They always say "Oh, I don't actually work here. But hey, Need a phone/cable/satellite service Smile?". It can only Mean NX is Nintendo Phone/Service. Still don't know ALL the deetz, but it doesn't sound good. And after the stunt they just pulled, Looks like I should just buy those ceremonial shears now.

I think the PS Vita marketing guy has been out of work for at least 2 years. Maybe he can get this gig!

I don't even disagree with everything you said, however the way you say them means that your mind is made up, regardless of knowing anything about the subject (you don't).

He said while he put me on block immediately after that post.
I've responded on other topics with you before, and this was the straw for you?
I mean, you come up pretty heavy too at times. I guess I overshot my mark. . .

Also, even though it doesn't matter now, are you suggesting that you know more about the NX then you are leading us on to believe?


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