Pokémon GO causing issues with ferry rides

We all know it's important to catch those water-type Pokémon, but let's do so with safety and without impeding others, shall we?

Pokémon GO is causing a bit of an issue with ferry rides in Edmonds (Washington), Toronto and Cornwall, England. It seems that players are taking to the terminal area, which is making travel a bit hard. Even worse, some people are catching Pokémon right on the ferry ramp, which is dangerous for the player and ferry travel in general. Let's hope people start heeding the warnings of ferry crews and avoid any big issues.

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Why is it so hard for people to enjoy things without ruining it for everyone else? Why is it so hard for people to behave appropriately when playing games in public? I mean, really. These people are going to ruin it for everyone, simply because they have no self-control.


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