Disney illustrator shares artwork from cancelled 'Epic Donald', an Epic Mickey follow-up

Coming from Disney illustrator, Pat Block...

In 2012 I had the very great pleasure and honor of working with Warren Spector and Junction Point on a follow up to Disney's Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey II.

The game was to feature Donald Duck, Duckburg, and the assorted classic world clan. I worked hard on a "Carl Barks" based Duckburg, puling scenes of the town from his comics and doing my best to keep a 1950's feeling spirit about the game world.

Sadly, this was about the time Disney decided to switch over to it's current gaming, more tablet oriented gaming focus.

While we were fully paid for our conceptual work on the project, to date, it has not been made.

With the new DuckTales project in the works, I have hopes we still might see the game, with some of our work, get made.

Check out more art here (thanks cm30!)

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very uncle carl indeed,

Aw damn, I wish this was still happening! Donald is one of my all time favorite characters!

Epic Mickey would have been infinitely better if they had taken more time to actually flesh out the gameplay, and for the love of Walt, actually flesh out a more creative painting mechanic. When they first talked about the game, it sounded amazing, this world of forgotten Disney properties, and you were going to have free roam, and be able to alter the world with your painting, etc.

Then the game we actually get is a neat, but clunky platformer, with too many fetch quests, and a really shitty paint/thinner mechanics that basically just involves shooting "paint" at things. Not at all what I thought or hoped it would be. And while Epic Mickey 1 was still a novel and OKAY game, the sequel didn't seem to really fix or improve any of the first games issues.

That's why it and the company failed. I would have loved to see Epic Donald, aka the game set in the Carl Barks Duckverse that they had mentioned the possibility of doing. Could have been amazing. But then again, Epic Mickey SHOULD have been amazing, and far more ambitious than it was. If it had been, perhaps we'd all be talking about great Epic Donald also is, right now.

The time it took to actually get to the main town from the beginning was way too long I recall too.

I stuck with it [because I have too much bloody patience somehow], but I imagine many wouldn't have and stopped before the game actually begun.

... I didn't bother with the sequel though.

I think I'm gonna cry.

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