Another handful of NX rumors - force feedback, multi-touch, USB, 720p controller screen

The following tidbits come from our friend Emily Rogers...

- article about NX's detachable controllers supporting force feedback and motion controls has truth
- NX prototype had a 6.2 inch 720p multi-touch touchscreen, but this may/may not carry over to the final system
- prototype for dock station has 2 USB ports, but again, this may not carry over to the final system

Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up!

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Fri Aug 26 16 08:26pm
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Please Nintendo, no shiny plastic this time.

Fri Aug 26 16 06:43pm
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Well, it needs at least 2 USB ports if I'm going to connect my GameCube controller adapter to it.

All these rumors are fun, but that official announcement must be coming soon. Sometime after Labor Day?

Fri Aug 26 16 06:50pm
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if the NX does have a controller with a screen then i hope it's the same size of a vita or if it is as big as the gamepad then try to slim down the bezels to make it more sleek looking

now watch as for some reason people are going to whine and moan just because emily rogers is the one who said this

Fri Aug 26 16 08:49pm
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To be fair every time she says something people really believe it and spread it like wild fire.

That's on them. also on them if they feel the need to complain about it when it's not real.

Sat Aug 27 16 09:21pm
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The source of a rumor is always worth considering. Emily has an extremely mixed track record.

Fri Aug 26 16 07:05pm
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I'm glad they're continuing the second screen experience. I just hope the battery has a good enough capacity to last the day.

We have no choice but too. Its the way of the future for gaming. look how watchdog did dual screen ect. Nin was always onto something with dual when they annouced it with GameCube & Zelda four swords & the SuperGameBoy with play on the go & when at home play on the tv with the adapter...you hear that?...Its Duke saying hail to the big N baby!

You are wrong mate.

Actually Wii U proved with a hard fist how obsolete dual screen gaming is. Of course there are a few concepts which gain from a second screen but these are rare and few. Nintendo themselves have struggled pretty hard to come up with sound design ideas for dual screen gaming without crippling their games. Most of the times it dial screen gaming pend between gimmicky or simply unnecessary.

The NX is a different duel screen idea, since you'll never be using 2 screens at the same time like the Wii U.

Well but then its not dual screen gaming and games that utilize a second screen as integral part simply wont work like they did on DS or Wii U.

Wii U was not wrong. Dual gaming is a must with a lot of games. It would have sucked ass if there was split screen on hyrule warriors, WO3, & so many that have local play. Yes there are games like MK 8 that forced it but if they want they can patch things up. But they are moving on with NX & they are not going to work backwards. They are going to improve the tech going forward.

Fri Aug 26 16 07:09pm
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the motion control aspect just screams to me that Nintendo has still not got over the Wii that this thing will still live in the Wii's legacy like the Wii u did

This is just me dreaming, but it could be VR related. A motion contoller that can pull off Zelda Skyward Sword don't need that much improvement for TV-bound motion games, yet the article Emily claims to "have truth" says these new crontollers are meant to phase out the Wiimote eventually.

I would love if Nintendo would try VR but given several comments made by Nintendo the past few years and Miyamoto's statements on VR during e3 this year I doubt they'll try it

I rather wait until they can fit the tech in the size of a regular everyday use type of glasses Instead of a big ass bike helmet. When that happens expect it to take off because right now a lot off ppl don't want to look like an alien.

Seriously? I thought it would be a given to have motion controls, would be an actual downgrade not to have them. Motion controls doesn't have to mean Wii Sports. It can also mean extra input, easy UI, optional aiming in games (Zelda, Splatoon).

I mean the console is getting Just Dance, motion controls must have been expected.

That's how I felt, too. I would have been shocked if it didn't have motion controls in some way.

And I'm glad. Like you said, tastefully applied motion controls really help a game, like with aiming in Zelda and Splatoon. Plus, motion controls leave the idea of backwards compatibility open.
(thought I don't think NX will be backward compatible. But it would still allow for Wii and WiiU remasters that need motion controls)

Fri Aug 26 16 07:53pm
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The NX will have the ability to make you breakfast. This may not carry over to the final system.

Fingers crossed!

The NX will learn your gaming habits and bombard you with preloads based on genre rather than actual game quality.

Im hearing the 2nd use of the usb will also be used for your cell phone to dock in so you can access all your apps ect on the NX screen when you game. That way you wont be distracted looking back & forth from your cell.

USB for external harddisk. The other for whatever .... No idea.

Fri Aug 26 16 08:44pm
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Have I missed how the NX is also a time machine and let's you play with your dreams?

" let's you play with your dreams""

Those would be some illegal games.... I would need a time machine and... Oh. Nevermind.

Figuratively speaking these rumors is letting Nintendo play with our dreams at the very least.

Also I didn't catch the reference at the end, sorry.

Indeed they are. Speculation goes batshit when we actually know nothing of the system.

That last reference was me being tired and hinting at your "time machine" comment... But...Yeah tired. ;)

The prototype was able to play all Nintendo mediums and useable with all previous Nintendo controllers as well access to Steam, PlayStation Now and Xbox Live, but this may/may not carry over to the final system.

There's nothing in here that I couldn't make up myself.

Hmm yeah, that one article had some truth.

Hmm yeah, controller may have a 720P screen but that isn't 100%.

Hmm yeah, dock may have 2 USB ports, but not final.

I'll make one:

The NX prototype has an SD card slot built into the dock, but this may change in the final design. There.

Emily obviously has connections but seriously, there is nothing noteworthy here that any Nintendo Joe fan couldn't post.

I'd be bummed if the screen was only 720p. My last few phones have been qHD for three years now and a bigger screen with a quarter that resolution is going to look stupid to me.

The idea of detachable controller parts sounds fairly awful. I don't know about you, but I really don't need to relive the Wiimote/Nunchuk again.

I agree, it just doesn't sound sensible. Especially as Nintendo always targets kids.


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