Could Nintendo be considering a Nintendo Badge Arcade 'Bunny' amiibo?

With the data from Nintendo Badge Arcade being collected and sent to Nintendo, perhaps we really could see a Bunny amiibo. I guess it all depends on how many people answer the question and say they think it's a good idea! Thanks to Kobobkc for the heads up!

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Yeah, when I saw that I went crazy because the Arcade Bunny is one of my favorite Nintendo characters ever! He's just too funny!

SHE asked me a long time ago if there should be an RPG game or a different genre to play with all the badges I had.

Nintendo Badge Arcade
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Never seen this before. Good point.

Sat Aug 27 16 07:55am
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So let's just aseume all pink characters are girls?

Or is this a more interesting accusation like the Nintendo Badge Bunny actually has dissociative identity disorder and one of it's female personas told you about an amiibo?

I actually consider it to be the same sales bunny from the Street Pass DLC. Both have very similar features and the streetpass bunny has a skirt/dress like a female mii does.

Being pink has nothing to do with it as I consider Smash Bros Jigglypuff to be a boy. No reason for this one though.

I too really love the characterization of this rabbit. So much charm and character, which makes up for the rather lack-luster crane games.

God no I hate this character.
Out of all the hated nintendo characters I'd rather get a Monita amiibo. Hell, even a Wii Party host amiibo.

I'd buy one if scanning it means 5 free plays a day.

Holy crap. That is the best idea for amiibo functionality I've ever heard. One flat purchase for a controled but unlimited use of a free-to-play game.

I do not care for Badge Arcade, but I'd love to see a Amiibo of this guy. He seems like a fun character.

I'm actually interested too! I hope Nintendo confirms it! Smile

How about Corrin and Bayonetta?

I guess people want an official physical version of the bunny to smash into pieces and/or set fire to.

Admittedly, bunny is not quite as COMPLETELY ANNOYING in the non-Japanese versions but he's still not a character I wish a long life to.

(If you didn't know, in the Japanese version, if you decline to pay him money, he makes an upset sound, frowns, and looks depressed. Don't forget that he asks you after every set of free plays AND after you do the practice crane, so it gets incredibly grating very quickly. Someone with a brain figured out that trying to guilt players is not a cool thing to do and it was localized out of the non-Japanese versions but I say it should never have existed in any version ever.)

I find that bunny quite annoying. The only way I'd want an amiibo is if it were tied to a game that let you run around in the woods hunting it.

The European version asked this weeks ago.

I'd buy if he has changeable face expressions.

I thought the bunny was a guy?

why is it a girl now, and why do some people commenting apparently have different ideas of its gender?


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