NES emulator has passed Windows Store certification, coming to Xbox One soon

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They should be checking the E-shop or the NES Classic Edition, then.

Is there a legal way of using this on Xbox One? I guess one could somehow get the ROMs off their cartridges onto their PCs and then transfer those files to a HDD or USB that can then be plugged into the Xbox One to access the files?

I'm really surprised Microsoft allowed this. Even if the program itself isn't illegal, I'm sure Nintendo isn't too happy about it and I would think Microsoft might avoid allowing it on their store just as a gesture of good will towards Nintendo.

Yeah... I'm pretty sure as soon as someone uses a real game rom. IE *not homebrew but an officially available rom* Microsoft is going to be hit with a takedown notice.

Cool! I'm sure a lot of Microsoft fans would like to play older Nintendo games but not own the system. I hope this doesn't go wrong or anything.

They should be checking the E-shop or the NES Classic Edition, then.

"Hey, I bought the proper, official VC download and they should too! If it's ok that they get to emulate it on Xbox for free, then how can I feel good about my decisions?! I need to know I did they right thing and they did the wrong thing!"

I don't emulate unless it's a translated game that was never released, isn't available on an eshop, and/or has a ridiculously high cost for a used copy. But I'm noy going to force my standard on other gamers... especially if they can get exposed to the forgotten/overlooked qualities of some older games.

Nah, then they'd have to buy a Nintendo system.

That's not a bad thing.
Anyone saying different has their console war soldier helmet strapped on too tight.

I''m just saying the truth. Some people want to play Mario on their phone or their system but they don't want to buy a Nintendo system.

I feel the same. I want to play a lot of games on Sony but I wish they were on Nintendo. I don't have money to afford another console, let alone games for it.

It's a general rule that if you make enough income to save for one system, you have enough to save for a second.
I should know, since I've been there.

Fri Sep 09 16 04:29am
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I'm sure everyone is fine with this. Might as well just say screw it and start letting Halo and Uncharted be playable on Wii U next.

I know, right?
Turn-about is fair play, unless someone's just a console war soldier.
In all honesty, this is why I hope a clause gets passed that makes it legally punishable to use emulators for officially licensed games that are still being sold on the open market.
If someone wants NES games then they should be looking into the E-Shop or the NES Classic Edition.

Fri Sep 09 16 04:38am
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If you wanted to emulate, can't you just do it on any PC in the world, even with an Xbox controller?
This is just console war nonsense.

Fri Sep 09 16 07:02am
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I hate the basic internet chaos/hate -attitude, but come on, this is nothing but funny and hilarious, and deserves thumbs up.

This is so going to have to have repercussions at the end... Not because of the emulator it self, but for the illegal roms that people are going to use for the emulator. You can bet Nintendo is going to catch wind of this real soon, because the emulator is going to alow people play their games on a rival system.

Honestly, it's not that big of a deal. It really won't impact sales of the Mini NES because that's selling nostalgia more than the actual games. And, who knows? Maybe it'll actually be popular and forcr Nintendo to be more competitive than $5 for a NES game.

While I agree that 5 dollars is too much for an NES game, you can't be serious when you think Nintendo's response to this will be "Oh, let's make our games cheaper" instead of "Oh, time to pursue legal action"

That was just a "what if"... ultimately unlikely. But emulators are legal... and there's no way to verify if a ROM was obtained legally or not. There's not a lot they can do unless Microsoft extends a courtesy and takes the app down.

Even if emulators are legal, it would still be way more likely for Nintendo to pursue legal action than to adjust the pricing of their games because of this

But you just said they are legal. Like I said, at most they could ask Microsoft to take it down as a courtesy... or they try to bring the hammer down on popular ROM doenload sites.

Doesn't mean they won't try to pursue some sort of legal action. And I said that it would still be more likely than them adjusting their prices. Not that they would definitely do this.

Fri Sep 09 16 07:38pm
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But emulators are legal...

Emulators are legal in the same way bit torrent sites/applications are legal. The creators can fall back on legalities all they want, but seriously, everyone with half a brain knows what this will be used for... Just ask Artem Vaulin.

Saying "Emulators are legal" isn't a justification here, it's just the reality of the situation. What's legal and what's morally right isn't the same thing.

Fri Sep 09 16 10:32pm
(Updated 1 time)

No, it really is just a justification here.
I can guarantee you that 9 out of every 10 people who get this emulator are going to use it for illegal ROM play.
It's an NES emulator, after all; only a very tiny amount of people are going to go to the hassle of ripping an NES cart's data into their XB1. The majority won't even know HOW, and will just rip the data from a website that hosts the roms.
Encouraging this is the same as encouraging a tool designed for IP theft. The minority that would use it for none-licensed games or games that were never released in their country, is too small to present as a reason to be in favor of allowing it to stay up on the Live shop.

Yeah, but those people don't care or even realize if it's legal or not. It's just the reality of the situation. Ask the lawmakers why they justify an emulatot being legal.

Fri Sep 09 16 08:31am
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It is already available on PC and mobile so why not on Xbox too? Weren't most people revolting in this comment section whenever Nintendo took down a fan project or tried to take down emulators? Why the double standards?

No. Most people on this site disagreed with fan games, too.

Considering that thumbs down is dominant at the cease and desist posts, I think not.

You said the comments, not the votes.

I hope Nintendo crushes this and sues Microsoft if they allow it on their store.

This app will last about an hour.

the opponent
Fri Sep 09 16 10:26am
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I'm astounded at the hypocrisy of the fan reaction to this. They blasted Nintendo's legal department when they ended fan game development over copyright concerns, and now they are actively waiting for them to end development of this emulator over copyright concerns. You can't have one without the other. Either be in favor of all unauthorized use of copyright or against it.

It's almost as if the fans are multiple people all with different opinions, and that if your hear A there and B here, it doesn't necessarily come from the same person

Rom backups aren't even legal if you look at copyright law pertaining to video games specifically. Literally every other form of media is fine with it but video games. That being said, the emulator itself is fine but it's the fact that it's advertised to play NES games that is the problem. Add in that it will be officially distributed in a Microsoft platform and it's a recipe for disaster.

Quick someone make an Xbox emulator and put it on the eshop!

Well, emulators aren't illegal...

Thank you, someone actually gets it. Emulators are legal, so Microsoft can allow it.

People who are just complaining about one more emulator in general might want to take a look at how many systems can already play NES games. Is Nintendo really going to lose even a cent off of this? Is someone going to look at this and say "Oh, I buy Virtual Console games and I wasn't going to pirate any NES games on the 20 other devices that can play them, but this Xbox One emulator has changed my ways and now I'll stop buying Virtual Console games because of this one emulator and for absolutely no other reasons"?

Fri Sep 09 16 10:44pm
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I can guarantee you that AT LEAST 8 out of 10 of those that emulate on those systems would have eventually caved and bought a Nintendo system for them, if there were no alternative and they actually did care.
As for those that wouldn't have?
Just proves they don't care, so they miss out on nothing and therefore won't give a damn if the opportunity is taken from them, outside of indignant childish rage of a console war soldier's sort.

I'm against this emulator for the same reason I'm against emulators for the PS4 and XB1 that I'm sure someone out there is working on; it's disrespectful to the companies and devs who make the games we love, to be allowing tools designed for theft of game data to make their way into public acceptance.
This is one case where the law is WRONG.

Fri Sep 09 16 01:52pm
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Makes me wonder if there are NES games without ownership. I mean it's been so long I do wonder if some of the most obscure ones have someone owning them.

Let me check one:

Hmm the Guardian Legend was developed by a now bankrupt company that restructured to the one that's now making the Hyperdimension Neptunia games. That's interesting, keeping the robot girl idea alive. Though I suppose those games could benefit from a SHMUP style of gameplay.

Nintendo games on ios and xbox. Nintendo is going third party quicker than we thought.

This really is a non-issue. Nintendo is going to ask Microsoft to take this down and they're going to comply because the litigation won't be worth it.

how is this allowed to go this far ? ffs sake if it was anything sony related or heck xbox early millenium it would be crushed so fast. But sure the industry certainly isn't biased against nintendo. So no you cannot do that, it doesn't matter what the legality of these, bottom line it's directly a move against the very real retail product.
then again that's how they freaking sold all those psp. Sorry but using value from company b to prop up company a product is bad, it's that simple. Those big entities should freaking PAY for what they get and enough of those jokes discussion about legality. It's all there is , microsoft doesn't want to pay. Because clearly they can btw, remember rare replay , heck even silly capcom did pay for megaman (bad?) recent collection.

People are going to use this for piracy, so Nintendo will probably shut it down.


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