Fans working to restore Luigi's Mansion beta features

When a game is in development, some ideas are cut and some make it to the final release. That means we might catch glimpses of ideas or content that never make the final cut. Luigi's Mansion had quite a considerable amount of ideas that were scrapped or changed for the final release, and as you can see above, some fans are coming together to try and restore that content. Certainly an interesting project, and one I hope Nintendo doesn't squash! Thanks to Ultimate_Litten for the heads up!

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Now I haven't played this in a long time, but I didn't see much that's new in this version. Did they detail what they're adding somewhere ?

Same here. If it weren't for the article title and introduction, I wouldn't have known this video was about a beta revival project. ...In fact, I'm still not sure this is it, despite the video title

Yeah. So the HUD is different, actually not as cool. There are smaller Boos here and there which actually spoils the idea that Boos are superior, more dangerous ghosts that appear only later. Also some ghosts have written "BWAHAHA" come up on screen when they come out of the darkness. Which is a nice touch I guess.

Yeah, when I scouted for it, I also saw some minor differences, but I am far from wowed


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