RUMOR - Is Kevin Pereira teasing NX news for tomorrow? (UPDATE)

It seems that Mr. Pereira was making a joke. He apparently said so on Twitter, then deleted that statement as well.

Former G4 host Kevin Pereira has been playing with Nintendo fans all day. It's clear that he's involved somehow with Nintendo's appearance at the GameStop expo. That we know for sure, but should fans expect NX info from that event? As you can see above, Mr. Pereira has a thinly veiled hint at NX info tomorrow in his tweet. The thing is, he quickly deleted the tweet after sharing. Was he just teasing Nintendo fans, or should we be legitimately excited about tomorrow? Thanks to ContraNetwork for the heads up!

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Must be trolling. But, i can gladly wait for tomorrow :D

Mon Sep 12 16 04:57pm
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Mon Sep 12 16 05:29pm
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It's a trolls severed head...

Na, I bet it's this.

He also posted this follow-up tweet:

"Maybe Overreacting Buries Important Leads, Everyone! CONSOLE yourselves. The Wait is likely wOrth It; Naysayers dON't bElong."


whew. this guy's really going out with this.

although I'll note he said something about trolling after deleting these tweets.

"Mobile console Two in one"?

Would anyone be stupid enough to tease rumors that Robin amiibo are getting restocked? There's *one* thing Nintendo fans want to know, and Kevin Pereira knows that the Internet would, well, go full Internet on him if he teased them and then didn't deliver.

Mon Sep 12 16 04:57pm
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Hmm. He capitalized the N and the X out of place, but he also capitalized E, W, and S out of place. Don't know what to make of it.

Edit: Well, rereading my commend I realized that he also capitalized another N, spelling out "NX NEWS". Don't I feel foolish

We all have those days Smile

Nice catch!

I think it'll be the 14th instead of the 13th, that's when the GameStop Expo is. http://www.gamestop.com/expo

If you think NIntendo is just going to show off NX with no warning....

well then you think lower of their marketing department than me.

Nintendo will want all the press they can fly in for the NX event in November to announce its holiday 2017 launch. Just be patient people.

Mon Sep 12 16 05:00pm
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My body is ready.
My prediction is that we'll get an announcement of an announcement.

Yeah, even if this is true, first they would announce when the actual announcement is going to happen. They wouldn't just announce the NX without warning people 2~3 days in advance.

Unless Nintendo is stupid (which it seem to be at times, but lets assume it's not), it wants as many people as possible watching the annoucement, which won't happen if no one knows in advance when it's going to happen

He now seems to be saying on his twitter that it was a big troll and there is no news coming.

TGS, why not. Gamestop Expo, I don't think so.

Mon Sep 12 16 05:26pm
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I hope Kevin knows for a fact that an announcement is 100% confirmed by someone executive-level at Nintendo. Short of that, it's questionable. I know he probably wouldn't tweet it out, even for an instant, if he didn't believe it himself. It's a little strange that they wouldn't do this through a direct.

All of these rumors are just making me cry. WHYYYYY

Mon Sep 12 16 06:22pm
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Because the Internet is a cruel, cruel place.

Wow, that's a name not relevant to gaming anymore, if it ever was...

Oh Kevin, stop with the BS, it's way too obvious so it screams of being untrue.

This guy is pure cancer. I hope he stays on the Sony/Microsoft side of gaming media where he belongs

Mon Sep 12 16 05:45pm
(Updated 1 time)

I hate it when people play the "I know something you don't" game. Kevin Pereira, just knock it off and let us wait until the event for the actual news.

Eh? Who? (Character limit)

Whoever submitted that pic, why take a picture of your PC monitor instead of just taking a screenshot?

Makes me lol everytime I see some noob do that.


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