Man completes Pokemon X Pokedex without ever collecting a badge

Have you ever completed a Pokedex before? How about doing so without ever collecting a badge? That's exactly what one mad did, and it took him two years to pull off the feat. Within those two years, he plugged 837 hours into the game. Now that's an insane amount of dedication!

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Man. That's some serious dedication

I didn't look into it, but assuming you transfer from Bank and just trade for the rest, I wouldn't think it would be all that difficult to attain this. Just time consuming. That being said, he put 3x the amount of time into the game that I did.

Is there a new definition for "complete"?

Mon Sep 12 16 05:37pm
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Reginal vs National Pokedex. He presumably completed the Regional one so it's inarguably a completion.

Mon Sep 12 16 06:55pm
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So i had to figure out what this meant.
if you google what he self proclaimed it as "badgeless master challenge" , you find a reddit post with his rules which were "Cannot trade to myself using another game.
No pokebank. No powersaving, or cheating or modifying my game in any way.
No other person could help me with any more then 10 pokemon.
After completing the DEX, begin 6 Egg Run"
so basically he used a reddit to trade with people and took 2 years doing it. it's amazing really

This actually wouldn't be that hard to achieve with the internet. GTS, Wonder Trade, and asking on forums, not to mention transferring from Bank.

Wow. It took me 1600 hours to complete my regional pokedex, and I have all the badges. >_<

Tue Sep 13 16 02:43am
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This is news? I completed the entire regional Pokedex in around 100 hours and before the Elite 4. I used every Pokemon in battle at least once. I never used bank. I did the same in Alpha Sapphire. Where's my story? D:

Tue Sep 13 16 07:08pm
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But you're saying you did it before the Elite 4. He did it before even getting a single badge

I'm just salty is all :c

...I don't believe it.

He could have use Wonder Trade or hacked it though

There's apparently a whole Reddit thread where he arranged trades. Seems legit to me


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