Capcom teasing another Monster Hunter-related title

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monster hunter X resident evil confirmed...zombie dragons!!!

I noticed they also said HD remakes to their ip that they have released so could we see MH4U in HD soon! If so I would buy it in a heart beat!

Where the pic to this new MH game? I followed the link & nothing!?...I'm thinking its Story & if not going by the pic on here it looks like Cc are trying to remake the early momster game maybe 1 & 2 for 3ds fans? At this point I don't care for Resident Evil until they go back to the looks of 1-3.

Tue Sep 13 16 08:42am
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as long as it's on nintendo platforms (and not the 3ds) I'll be getting it for sure. Would love a Tri Ultimate like version for MHG

Just leaving this here.
(no, there is no official source, but it looks nice)


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