Niantic CEO talks Pokemon GO launch, Android Wear, PvP and more

- Hanke is on Team Instinct
- Niantic blew threw their sever quota a few hours after the U.S. launch
- Still rolling out the game to other countries
- The game was in development for 2 years before launching
- Niantic is in constant contact with The Pokémon Company
- Niantic is a small company with about 70 employees and is working to hire more
- Daily player base is still massive (won't give exact number)
- Counting on the social/multiplayer aspect to keep the game thriving
- Wants to move people away from constantly looking at their phones while playing the game
- Likely to add support for Android Wear devices
- PvP battles likely to happen
- "Ingress like" events to happen in the future
- Not discussing where Ditto is to avoid ruining the surprise of finding him

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

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i wonder about ditto. has there even been a sighjting? maybe like kinkos??? idk ;/

is there a silly putty factory that anyone knows of?

ditto is at niantic's HQ .. nobody would ever think of looking there :P

Wow, I've read a lot of people commenting over the months that there really isn't a lot to do in the app, as well as the fact that the core concept is very Ingress-like. Two years? That's like...in 2014, someone said "Hey, we should work on this Pokeymans thing" and then they sat on it for 20 months.

Niantic blew threw their sever quota...


Niantic blew through their sever quota...



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