Fan-Art: Nintendo/Star Wars mash-up, "The Triforce Awakens"

Thanks to April for the heads up!

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Good call, casting another Daisy as Rey. Smile

They could've also gone with Ridley!! Missed oportunity

Fri Sep 16 16 03:26pm
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Ridley is too big for Star Wars.

I appreciate all the work that goes into these cartoons, but the constant barrage of "Nintendo stuff mixed with other stuff" gets really old after a while.

This Star Wars Nintendo mashup is actuallly a really old series that started a long time ago. Kind of surprised to see another one...

Fri Sep 16 16 03:25pm
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Whoops, meant for this to be a reply.

I was prepared for another lame Nintendo crossover, but this was actually surprisingly very well made!

wonderful work, and I only saw awakens once so far, I guess twice now lol

Well, one and a half, since this was only the first half of The Force Awakens


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