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I understand it's not what people want from a Metroid game at all (including me), but how are people who have played it enjoying it?

I played it. And did not like it. The action is to slow for me.

It surprised me and I had only mid-expextations.

I like it a lot. The 3DS needed some FPS games, this should've come out 4 years ago. It's a great Co-op game.

It's defaulting issue of control is really putting a few off, even I cannot ignore its pain most occasions when I play it. A 6-7 score is well earned in that regard cause it does pull you out of any immersion the game has.

Outside that, pretty basic experience with quite a few endearing experiences, but nothing blowing anything out of the water.

I liked it. Had it only been a little more balanced for a Single Player, I would have found it to be pretty great, even. ^^ While to each his own, I feel it is getting waay more hate than it should. It is polished, have good-yet-simple and smooth graphics, and the controlls are surprisingly nice. Not the Metroid I want right now, but it is a harmless spinoff to keep the universe interesting.

I like it. It is a bit slower than the average Metroid title but this isn't suppose to be a replacement for Samus and her adventures. This the Federation Force's adventure. Four Swords and Triforce Heroes doesn't get near as much flak if any at all.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I might wait until it's on offer and pick it up.

Sun Sep 18 16 06:30pm
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The game got off lightly. I thought EDGE would tear it a new butthole.

Have you played it? Is it that bad?

He's probably just mad because Christian got better loot when they played together. And now he's taking it out on the game.
So unprofessional.

For a second I thought that said -6 as a score.

The game's getting way more flack than it should, I was quite pissed when it was announced, however I decided to give a shot anyways. It's actually quite fun and I'm enjoying my time with it.

So, I don't visit this site as often as I used to, but is this image used for all links to Edge reviews? If not, then it should be.


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