Fan-Art: Legend of Zelda animation in Studio Ghibli style

Thanks to Draug419 for the heads up!

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Wow! That actually delivered on its lofty promise. VERY nice backgrounds!

Excellent backgrounds! As for the animation... nice try, but both the cut-out animation for the salesman and motion capture for the chicken are easily noticeable. It's okay, though, Ghibli's style is pretty hard to nail.

That was gorgeous! The actual animated parts actually look terrible in comparison. It's almost jarring.
Also, as gorgeous as it was, none of this really struck me as Ghibli...

the rotoscoped horseback riding looked pretty bad, and the shopkeeper looked a little too flash-animation-y. The backgrounds, aside from Death Mountain looking inactive, were gorgeous.

inb4 taken down by Nintendo

GoNintendo fans are like "Your video was great! Here's a list of things that I didn't like. Have a good day!"

Wed Sep 21 16 08:05am
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NextLevelGod be like "What is constructive criticism?"

Yeah I've seen it before. It's awesome and very fitting too since BOTW is pretty much The Legend of Mononoke anyway ^^


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