Paper Mario: Color Splash - Rescue V Episodes 6 and 7

Thanks to Kobobkc for the heads up!


Thu Sep 22 16 02:16am
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This was a fun little series. Shame it had to end so soon.

And I know it's gonna be a really unpopular thought to some/many, but I wonder if the PM series should just forgo the turn-based battle system for creative platforming and puzzle solving? Yeah, SPM tried it already, but I feel they could've definitely expanded upon or improved it.

EDIT: Or rather than forgo the turn-based system forever, maybe I could just leave it at "I hope they make a SPM 2 some day."

Maybe the game has gone Gold & they might be releasing it soon. lol that be crazy if so!

I'd be all over Super Paper Mario 2. That being said, this one in particular seems like a good mix.

"So bright he's gotta wear shades."

^^ That made me laugh.

OH NO! They sucked out Peach's



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