Shovel Knight to appear in Yooka-Laylee

The Shovel Knight love continues on in Yooka-Laylee! It has been confirmed that Shovel Knight is going to be a guest character in Yooka-Laylee, but specifics on how you unlock him have not been given yet.

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Haha that is certainly awesome! It's so good to see how he looks in 3-D form. Although his shovel may look a little weird, but oh well.

That's how his shovel looks on his Amiibo as well.

I wonder if that means his amiibo will work with the Wii U version of the game.

they need to make a sequel this is the best indie game ive ever played

YEAAASSSSS!!! I need this now!

I wonder if they are going to add Shantae as well.

Sun Sep 25 16 12:33pm
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I guess you can say that Shovel Knight is the Mario of Indies at this point. He and his titular game have become the face of the scene for most, even if it's not the first to do so.

Finally a decent NPC to work with!

Man, I don't think I've ever seen an indie character get as much love as Shovel Knight has. Seems like that guy has been in just about every other indie game at this point, and he only has one game to his name! That's pretty darn cool.

If you wanna split hair, his franchise had technically 2 games, but it's arguable that second game is an expansion or not.

Noice! Maybe I should start getting Shovel Knight. How good is that series?

Sun Sep 25 16 05:59pm
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I think it's a wonderful game. It's a little bit of Megaman, Castlevania and Duck Tales all rolled in to one. The question is, how do you feel about old school NES games?

I've played NES games and I think it's interesting

Sun Sep 25 16 06:15pm
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Go for it. It's not an expensive game so I think it's worth giving it a shot. There's also a lot of upcoming new content.... Specter Knight mode, King Knight mode, gender swap mode and multiplayer battle mode.

Don't forget Plague of shadows is already out too... also for free. Everyone deserves a chance to watch Mona dance.

Yeah I didn't feel the need to mention that, since it's already out. I was just selling him on the content that's still to come on top of an already great package.

I would HIGHLY recommend it. The whole game is so polished and well thought out. Also, everything that Ridley said. All of the extra content and campaigns just make it even better. I legitimately love the amiibo mode, too.

Sun Sep 25 16 03:09pm
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Yo yo yo yo! yo man!

How rude. You take that back.

Also, I love how he looks in 3D. ^^ I do wonder how his sequel, should it be a 3D '64' title, how the gameplay will be. Will it draw inspiration from early 3D titles, like Mario 64, OoT, Crash Bandicoot, Banjo-Kazooie, etc? Or will it try to be like the original Shovel Knight, but in 3D?

I don't know, I have confidence in them.
What surprise me the most is how well his design fit in 3D

(note that I was joking for that first part, btw. Just in case I did not come off as rude)

But yes, very much agree, his design looks like it was made for 3D. I really hope his next game is a, well, 3D game. Smile

Tue Sep 27 16 08:43pm
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Oh I knew you were joking. It's ok.

i believe i also saw frozen's olaf in the video

They are spending way too much time showing off that one level. As neat as it is to see Shovel Knight, I'm worried about the rest of the game.

The sound-effect-speaking that we heard in Banjo-Kazooie always kind of bothered me, but it mostly worked when it was simple animal sound effects. It's REALLY off-putting to hear shovel knight speak like that, though. It just sounds wrong.


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