Dragon Quest X localization not likely, but might happen with enough fan requests

The following information comes from Square Enix’s Noriyoshi Fujimoto...

- translating the game would be a very big undertaking
- from a business standpoint, it's hard to justify localization
- if fans speak up enough for localization, there's still a chance it could happen


How can I be one of the fans requesting?

The thing is, I kind of want a DQ10 localization, but DQ11 is right around the corner as well, and they're both fairly similar games from what I've heard. I don't know which one to support a localization of, because I feel like I wouldn't play both. Sad Not that it's likely we'll get either.

they're both fairly similar games from what I've heard

Really? I thought 10 is a online MMORPG and 11 is a oldschool type RPG?

I'm not interested in Online RPG's, so i don't care, if we don't get 10. Hopefully we get 11.

We will get DQXI, simply due to the fact that for the PS4 version, SE is using a Western, Graphics engine, and very likely, made a deal when sold the rights to use the graphics engine and its tools, to release any games that uses it in its creation, to the west. Its Unreal 4 engine. So we are getting DQXI, regardless.

What happened to them saying it was definitely happening?

This has had a big roar of hype since it was announced. If they say it's unlikely 5 years later, then it definitely won't be happening at all. Not even on PC.

Just save your energy. You can scream as much as you can by this point, but at this point, but personally I think it's best to focus on trying to get DQXI localized on 3DS and NX.

Mon Sep 26 16 02:04am
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Never heard them saying they will definitely bring Dragon Quest X. You have an original quote? It's been such a long time, maybe our memories are blurry.

Anyway, MMORPG's were you have to pay are dying. The whole MMORPG as a Genre is dying. World of Wacraft and Final Fantasy XIV are still holding up against the decline. Games like Guild Wars 2 or Free to Play MMORPG's are in favour.

If Square Enix have doubts bringing Dragon Quest X to the West, they have legit reasons. The whole Localization will most likely be an fools errand as long as people have to pay monthly to play X. I won't hold a grudge against them for not bringing this, instead they should focus on bringing Dragon Quest XI to the West. Don't have much hopes for 2017.

Absolutely uninformed and very false. Pay to play mmos are actually rising again, reason being, all those who favored F2P or B2P are starting to wise up, and see just how drastically bad the disadvantages of F2P and B2P are.

P2P is the best model, paying 9.99 a month is nothing, same as 15.99. I pay 80 a month for my phone as does most people, averaging 50-70 a month for all their phones.

Whats dying is Korean made mmos, since they keep causing and making the same problems, and trying to do the same thing over and over again, following a tired old formula that does not work anymore. Thats why nearly all korean mmos start dying within a year. Especially those that uses the West as a cash grab, giving little to no support, simply to get as much money off the Whales as possible to fund development for their own home Korean version of the game.

As I stated above, but the focus should be on X, its a better game than XI simply due to the fact, its a near Infinite Dragon Quest experience, that has alot of its gameplay, storytelling, and things to do that is exactly like any other Dragon Quest game, the only differences is the combat system which is a form of ATB, and its online. Thats all. Nothing is stopping you however, from having a party of your own with 3 A.Is recruited from players who sign their chars up to be hired as A.I, and customizing what they do via tactics which does incredibly well.

XI will come to the west, their is no doubt about it, we will at least get the PS4 version, since like I said again, it is using a Western, Graphics Engine, Unreal 4, and its very likely that when SE purchased the licence to use it, they had to sign an agreement to release any games they make with it to the west, to not only make more money for the developers of the engine, but to also advertise how awesome the engine is.

P2P is the best model, paying 9.99 a month is nothing, same as 15.99. I pay 80 a month for my phone as does most people, averaging 50-70 a month for all their phones.
That may be peanuts to you, but I am fairly sure that's quite a lot for most people here. I doubt most people here spend 80 a month on their phone

Unless of course NoA picks up the slack like they did with the 3DS titles.

Banter aside it's an MMO, so it's understandable. But yea they (or again NoA) should just focus on XI instead.

Naw, better to focus on a Dragon Quest mmo that does everything any other Dragon Quest does, except you can play with other Dragon Quest fans online, and have near infinite amount of things to do. Dragon Quest X is the very best Dragon Quest you can possibly have.

I'd rather have it die in Japan seeing how its an MMO and just hope for the next true installment to come over instead (DQXI)

I could be interested, but it's a subscription model. I can't justify investing in it since I can spend long periods of time away from a game to play another. Let me pay 60$ and own the game forever and I'd get it.

Mon Sep 26 16 01:05am
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It's actually a number of hours you pay for.
So not a subscription every month.

Still I'm not sure people in the west would be ready to buy the game AND pay to play on top of that. They would have to rethink their pricing for the west which would mean they have a strong will to localize this which they obviously don't have.

So yeah. Bye bye DQX. I hate SE. They have so not changed since the snes era.

They used to be amazing in the SNES era, so I think they actually changed, lol.

In terms of localization they already sucked real hard during the snes era. Especially for us Europeans.
First FF we got ? FFVII.
First DQ ? Freaking DQVIII on the PS2. Yes sir.
Crono Trigger ? Had to wait for the DS version, can you believe it.

Oh, localization-wise, then sure, I misunderstood you.

Here is an idea. Forgo two packs of cigarettes, or a 24 pack or two of beer for an entire month. Lo and behold, you can pay for a subscription for Dragon Quest X! Wow, thats easy.

I neither drink, nor smoke. That is not an option for me, lol.

Mon Sep 26 16 01:33am
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I'd be interested in a non-MMO version of DQX, if that were possible.

It is! Its basically playing online, but selecting a solo server and just using computer A.I! Their will be some very difficult encounters you will never be able to complete unless with actual players due to timing and twitch, but you can pretty much do around 90 percent of the entire game with A.I partners.

This again.

Look, I supported Operation Rainfall, since those games actually had a much lower chance at coming stateside than most people think.
Xenoblade Chronicles? Had the highest chance of the three and people can argue for that. The Last Story? Pandora's Tower? Uh... Yeah... Had about as much chance as several other titles that never made it stateside.
Those games were worth advertising to others for, since there was A VERY HIGH CHANCE people would have never heard of it otherwise (and to this day: most people STILL don't know about any of them except for Xenoblade (and mostly only because of LOLNOWITSSHULKTIME) -which is the main deciding factor in localizations: sales).

But stuff like this? This is forcing your fans to do all the advertising for something that you can sell yourself, similar to asking your fans to buy a certain amount of preorders before they release DLC for it.
Lost Odyssey? Binary Domain? Those were games that NEEDED better advertising by their companies and really are lost/forgotten gems because of the lack of it.
You, Square Enix, seriously can't believe that you can pull this treatment for DRAGON QUEST.
No, you can do this with the Slime Tank games. In fact, you NEEDED to do that with the Slime Tank games! So it would actually appear on people's radars!
How about smashing The World Ends With You in people's faces? A semi-promised remake that would reinvigorate the fans to bring the game into the attention of others - to really bring it justice.
There's so many other titles suited for this treatment. But no, let's stick with the ones that don't need it at all.

I swear the gaming world is so backwards now. Famous titles need the fans' advertising (Square Enix games) and funding (Shenmue 3), """in order to""" succeed. While honestly, rarely unique games get forgotten in the dust because of little advertising, then straight up using those games as examples of "this is why this genre doesn't sell in the States... So give us more money".
Blah. Whatever.
I want the game, but I won't be advertising it for ya, Square Enix. If you can afford to release FFXIII-onward to the States despite the backlash, you can afford to throw an already-made online game our way.

I wish they could make an offline version of DQX....make it like 9, where it feels like an online game.

The more serious issue is figuring out how to sell it without charging us to keep playing it. If they can do that, then I want it localized.

Good news! You can play for free on the weekends during kids time in DQX. Otherwise 9.99 to 12.99 a month for a subscription is nothing. Thats like, two less packs of cigarettes destroying your lungs you can avoid smoking to pay for!.

That's going to be a hole in the series.

Not too upset about this one personally. I'm just not really into MMOs. XI needs to happen for sure though!

Okay okay, call me late to the party but lemme get this straight...they are gonna come out and make statements like this without even seeing how well DQ7 and 8 sell first? From a business standpoint there is no justification in a statement like that till those numbers come to fruition....


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