Nintendo REALLY doesn't want anyone even mentioning NX

We know that Nintendo has remained extremely tight-lipped about the NX, but this next bit of info is a bit too far. Take a look at this snippet from a GameSkinny interview with a Nintendo of Canada rep.

Absolutely nothing about the NX is said there, as far as actual platform details go. Completely innocuous, don't you think? Apparently Nintendo of Canada didn't think so, as this is how the interview reads now.

Why did that blurb that offered absolutely no info have to be removed? Nintendo always plays cards close to their chest, but this time around there was literally nothing to be gleaned from that interview snippet! Man, I wonder how hard Nintendo came down on Ubisoft for what they've been saying in interviews!

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A bit overdoing I think...but maybe there was a hidden message in his response! *breaks out the analysis machine*

"Nintendo will most likely hold a Nintendo Direct in the future"

I've decoded the message!!

It's completely their fault for this. Of course people are asking. It's coming in March and we know nothing.

Serious. If Nintendo wants me to spend some saved money I have on them, let me know something soon. There's plenty of other things coming up this Christmas I may end up using it on.

A bit overdoing I think...but maybe there was a hidden message in his response! *breaks out the analysis machine*

"Nintendo will most likely hold a Nintendo Direct in the future"

I've decoded the message!!

Mon Sep 26 16 03:28pm
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Nintendo just isn't sure if they will have a Direct about the NX before the system launches

They'll do an announcement direct a month after it launches to ensure its secrecy.

What if Nintendo takes out RMC for making this story????

My guess is that Nintendo did not feel the actual interview had begun when the warning was put forth.

Ironically, it got more PR because it was removed than it ever would have received otherwise.

So maybe it wasn't so crazy.

Well Nintendo of Canada apparently needs to hire a new rep. That totally seemed like a completely "asshole-ish" thing to say right from the start...

It really is. Start an interview by threatening to leave the interview early? All of Nintendo of Canada needs to hire new people (me. They need to hire me).

Honestly, this has 2 implications. Other than the one just mention, It can also mean that he'll simply not answer them or deflect them, meaning that the interview can't cover them. If you kept asking those questions it'd probably be the same response "I can't answer that". Since the interviewer may be pressed for time, it'd end up being a short interview. :/

The more we ask, the more stressed we are giving on Nintendo. We need to be patient. I know the console is going to be released in six months or so. Once Nintendo announces to talk about NX, then we can party.

They did this to themselves, telling the world about it in March 2015 even though they didn't intend to talk more about until more than a year and a half later. They were so desperate to reassure investors that dabbling in mobile didn't mean they were giving up on their own platforms, even though I doubt anybody would have thought they would, anyway. Now they've created a year and a half of hype, which is getting everybody talking about them. Even this weird interview 'drama' is getting people talking about them. I doubt they are stressed. They are probably loving the attention.

Yeah it almost as if Satoru Iwata wanted to rush the announcement out for some reason.

I wouldn't be surprised if its because they are up the wall with people annoying them about the NX. Good on NOC for making a statement like this, though I'd love for them to call out NCL for taking so long to reveal the product

Why do interviewers think they will get any juicy details by doing this? Just makes them seem desperate for clicks. Just wait for a damn announcement.

The interviewer did nothing. The rep brought it up himself.

Mon Sep 26 16 04:31pm
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If i had to guess they had alot of interviews beforehand and the pr was tired of the question. Its kind of like when kids ask "are we there yet".

Further confirms NX isn't real and the Next Nintendo system is simply an iphone8.

Good. Journalists have as much right to dig in for information as much as people and companies have a right to withhold it.

I prefer to be surprised, but I won't expect journalists to stop doing their job, but I also won't expect an answer just because someone asked.

But nobody did ask. The rep just brought it up before the journalist asked a single thing.

But people /do/ ask.

That's like getting upset at people who put out a list of answers before they're asked. Some people find that rude or annoying. But if they weren't asked 9 times out of 10, every single day, they wouldn't give those answers. (Not referring to Nintendo, just referring to other things like translators and developers who get the same questions everyday)

My comment is commenting on the fact that Nintendo doesn't want to talk about it.
They don't have to. Which most people would argue: but they should. Which is WHY I think it's good they bring up that answer first: obviously, they don't have to.

Nobody asked in this particular interview because rep stated the conditions beforehand. There's every chance that earlier interviews with other Nintendo reps contained one or more questions about the NX.

Pokemon company pretty much confirmed what NX is.

I'm pretty sure it's a case of NDA.

"Why did that blurb that offered absolutely no info have to be removed?"

Because Nintendo has just reached absurdity at this point.

I guess the word "absurdity" really hits the spot. For me, they reached it with the downtake note to Archive to remove the digital Editions of Nintendo Power.

They even mentioned in the last Direct in the description, "No new infos about the NX will be published". Ok, no one asked. Why so pissed? I always thought Reggie is the only one with the salty mood.

Seems like the failure of the Wii U hit Nintendo harder as expected if the reps reacting like jerks.
Nintendo established everything NX related minus the Hoaxes. Nintendo of Europe even started an NX Contest to actually win the system. They really acting weird. Of course people ask, in less than 6 moth the system is going to be released. So much of pissing the guys off who will spend 300 - 400 Coins on the upcoming system.

I don't think it's accurate to say that no one asked. And it's very reasonable to assume that people will ask over social media and other areas - especially as there are already growing expectations with each Direct that Nintendo will talk about the NX. They're trying to manage expectations in a poor situation.

rip in peace andrew

Mon Sep 26 16 04:22pm
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Is not a big deal. The headline is really click bait since Nintendo did it to themselves.

And the last paragraph wants you to think that other companies will be effected. Which I really doubt.

The more days Nintendo refuses to talk about the NX, the more chances I will buy a ps4 pro instead...

Honestly, I've heard the upgraded system versions really don't do enough from the base model to justify the price or upgrade.

I have a PS4 myself and like it. But more than a few people have told me the .5 systems just aren't worth it.

Still, it may work well for you if you don't have a PS4 at all.

Honestly, unless you are getting into VR for some reason, the PS4 Pro is a huge waste of money. I'm just glad that the price of the base PS4 is going to fall so I can finally buy one to play Last Guardian and the few other exclusives that I want to play haha.

I got to play PS VR about two weeks back. It's actually really impressive, especially the Batman game.

If they can figure out how to make gameplay work well between visuals and controls, it could be really, really cool.

I just personally think it's a gimmick that will lose its luster sooner than people think. I may be wrong though!

I don't care for it. It's way too much work to play a game that way.

It's a lot of equipment to be sure, and it may turn out to be a "fad" in the long run, but the initial "Wow" feeling from the virtual environment was very impressive.

For some I'm sure. For me it was just a much better use of 3D. Even with the N3DS, I have a few issues with "ghosting," mostly because one of my eyes can get kinda lazy when playing games. And VR headsets make it 100% complete for me, but that's all it did.

I usually get car sick, but playing a game in VR was nothing for me even.

But! I am glad some people enjoy it. Someone's bound to anyways!

Yeah, everyone's been saying that. I have a 1080p display and the Pro is said to produce 60fps on those games. Either way, the ps4 pro exists, the NX doesn't...

I have a few friends that work in the industry and have said that neither the PS and Xbox upgrades are worth the cost, which is too bad. The graphics this gen are already good enough, and even then aren't a "*gasp* Oh my God" level from the previous one.

Exactly, the Pro is slightly stronger (for VR) and quite possibly quieter. Same with the Xbone S & Scorpio, except they for some reason get the 4K Blu-Ray

Considering last time, a NoC Rep leaked a September NX conference, I can see why. We Canadians have loose lips.

Nintendo will have to do something pretty wild with the NX to regain all the interest I've lost. They're taking so long to reveal it.

Mon Sep 26 16 05:39pm
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I have no interest in the NX. I know absolutely nothing about it, how their digital services will work, how they'll handle/better work with third party devs (which probably still won't be much since they keep choosing to be a generation behind), and it may as well as be "vaporware" for me at this point. Even then, we're probably going to have a LOT of remasters/reissues as we've already seen this generation with all three systems.

I can't get excited over something that is just a codename at this point. Had they not announced it nearly two years ago, perhaps the Wii U wouldn't be as in dire shape as it is now by killing it prematurely over a mythical "hype machine" that lurks purely in secrecy and shadows.

If Nintendo is really planning on releasing during March they really need to let this cat out of the bag. The rumors are starting to increase and at this point the secrecy is going to do them more harm than good.

Need to start building up hype for it and convincing people why they want an NX and not a PS4 Pro or PS VR or an expensive tablet/smartphone etc.

And then Nx will most likely have difficulties caused by lack of communication, and this won't be nintendo'sfault of course.

Yeah. The general public will again not know what it is due to a last second info. dump, and then Nintendo will wonder why people haven't been as excited for it as they anticipated.

Mon Sep 26 16 06:14pm
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They announced it's existence way too early for them to say nothing about the

this close to launch.

They didn't really have a choice. They had to announce its existence early. The general sentiment around was for Nintendo to exit hardware. Not mentioning the NX would have exponentially increased the amount of chatter for that.

Mon Sep 26 16 07:18pm
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If they aren't ready, they aren't ready.

If they aren't ready, they wasted 1.5+ years since their first announcement.

This is what i've been trying to say since the beginning. There was no reason for Iwata or Nintendo to even mention the codename for NX, it just came out of nowhere and stayed put like QOL.

There was. The press would have been full of articles that Nintendo was going mobile (and ditching hardware). There've already been some saying that this is the first step towards Nintendo ditching hardware - which validates Nintendo's decision to announce the NX before they were ready.

Tue Sep 27 16 09:55am
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Just pointless complaining. Patience, you'll get to play it eventually. Maybe there were even other reasons to announce it? Maybe it's good for people to be aware and ready for the next console.

Me? Complaining? I could care less about this system honestly, and if you want to see real complaining just look at the dumb NX bot spamming NOA's twitter. I'm just baffled on why they'd announce a codename so dang early just to quiet investors when they could have simply said something along the lines of "we always work on hardware and mobile won't change that."


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