Puzzle & Dragons X: Competition PazuDora X - more screens, art

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Puzzle & Dragons X: Competition PazuDora X is now available to download in Japan. I guess Puzzle & Dragons didn't really catch on here. That's a shame, as I really enjoyed the double package that Nintendo brought over. I guess puzzle games in general are a hard sell when you can hit the app store and grab so many of them for free.

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Is this game not going to be localized? The first one is one of the most engaging 3DS games I've played in a long time.

Thu Sep 29 16 02:27am
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If it is, I hope their special codes for in-game events of Puzzle & Dragons special bosses will be actually sent, unlike the past title. I can get why the Taiko no Tatsujin collaboration dungeon didn't arrive, but together with that there have been cuts of trials featuring cornerstone monsters in the series like Zeus and Hera... Why?

As far as I can recall, we Westerners only received the beginner dungeon, the one with Vampire Duke and the colored Orochi sets for Z.

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