A look at some unlockable Paper Mario: Color Splash concept art

Paper Mario: Color Splash lets you unlock some concept art that shows just how different some elements were before the final game came together. Consider yourself VERY warned, as some of hte art in the link below is BIG into the spoiler territory. Click over at your own risk!

Art here (Thanks CM30!)


[Token Toad NPC comment here]


All other races are inferior and dirty.

The picture here is already a spoiler! Now I know there are people with hats and swords. o_o

Reminds on an interview of Epic Mickey that they made like 70 different Mickeys before just sticking to the original one. Also the concept art promising more than what it delivered.

I do wonder the reasoning behind making Color Splash intentionally conservative. Though to be fair having watched a playthrough is the most comedic game by far. The situations are so ridiculous I just wished the battle system had gotten more complex early, since it seems to only get deeper during the last third. Not hard, but more involved.

Fri Sep 30 16 11:45pm
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If nothing else, this shows that Intelligent Systems still has the magic. They just don't really show it. And it hurts to think about all the wasted potential.

This picture is a spoiler. Not cool.

What? The Toads or the unoriginality? Cause to be fair we already knew that.

Very funny. No. That picture is part of a huge gallery of artwork that you slowly unlock as you complete the museum in the game.


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