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Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary Concert - Devs talk series, Breath of the Wild & more

by rawmeatcowboy
04 October 2016
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The following info comes from Shigeru Miyamoto, Eiji Aonuma, Takashi Tezuka, Koji Kondo and voice actress Ruriko Aoki, as they all appeared at the 30th anniversary Zelda concert in Kyoto.

- Aoki is a big Zelda fan and planned on attending the concert before she was offered the hosting job for it
- Aonuma was the one to ask Aoki to host
- Miyamoto says that Zelda is a franchise that is deeply related to music and instruments
- the interactivity of puzzles that players solve, resulting in the famous classic jingle, are important
- Miyamoto wants these types of elements to be a continued part of Zelda
- Aonuma says the dev team willingly give up their holidays in order to give their all to Breath of the Wild
- development for the game is currently at its climax
- Link wearing the blue color in Breath of the Wild is very important and Aonuma says more will be shared on that topic
- Kondo mentioned that in the time he's been working on the series, he paid off his house and his daughter is getting married
- the sound you hear when correctly solving puzzles is very short, but Kondo spent a large amount of time working on it
- making in-game sounds wasn’t easy in the early days, especially the stabbing sound of the sword
- Tezuka worked on the dungeon maps in the first Zelda
- he created dungeons in which only half of the allocated space was taken up
- this extra space allowed for the creation of the “Second Quest”, which was suggested by Miyamoto
- Tezuka said he was in charge of Zelda for its first ten years, but then passed it along to Aonuma
- Tezuka believes that exploring the world is very fun, and that’s what has helped made Zelda what it i
- plot here is important, so Tezuka is looking forward to more stories being featured that will excite everyone
- Miyamoto said Breath of the Wild returns to roots of the series, where you continue to play alone through trial and erro
- the game lets you come up with your own ways to play, so they’d like to make these things a basis for Zelda going forward
- the Kakariko Village theme from Ocarina of Time was created by about ten Zelda staffers
- Kondo handles compositions by himself, but thanks the people who make the worlds and characters for his inspiration
- Kondo would like to continue making great Zelda titles with those developers

Concert setlist

Part 1:

1. Hyrule Castle
2. Princess Zelda’s Theme
3. Wind Waker Medley
4. Ocarina of Time Medley
5. Boss Battle Medley
6. Zelda: A Link Between Worlds & Triforce Heroes Medley
7. Skyward Sword Staff Roll

Part 2:

8. Zelda 30th Anniversary Symphony
9. Zelda Minor Songs Medley
10. Gerudo Valley
11. Hyrule Field (Ocarina of Time)
12. Great Fairy Theme
13. Twilight Princess Medley
14. The Legend of Zelda Main Theme


15. Kakariko Village
16. Breath of the Wild Main Theme

On a final note, concert attendees were given sheets of paper with three colors. These colors corresponded to the Hyrule Field theme. The white side made the musicians switch to “calm mode”, the green side for “battle mode”, and not raising the paper had them play “normal mode”.