Pokemon Sun/Moon - Official artwork of Datrix, Torracat, Brionne, and Ash-Greninja

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The new evolution is amazing! Brionne is adorable!

Looks like the artwork for the final evos were true! That is an archer-stance if ever I saw one.

I mean, looks like a butler stance.

Brionne is definitely a confirmation of where they are headed though.

Does this mean that Ash Ketchum is canon in the games now?

I was wondering what was up with that name, but now I can totally see the hair... side burns? on this Greninja.

I was looking forward to getting that owl Pokemon as my starter... now I'm not.

There is still the final evolutions. Not to mention the fact they may have version exclusive forms.

On that note, I can only think of 2-3 times where I liked the middle evolutions for the starters I chose. Middle evolutions for starters, on average, are ass in my opinion.

Wartortle, Croconaw, Dewott and Frogardier beg to differ! Damn I'm too biased towards water starters... Will be skipping them this generatin though...

All of Gen 1's were good to me.
I liked Bayleef. Quilava is meh. Didn't like Croconaw.
I disliked all of Gen 3's & 4's mid-evos.
Dewott was good.
Gen 6's were all okay, but Braixen is cute. I don't like Fennekin or Delphox though.

How could you dislike Grovyle?!

I don't really understand how people like Grovyle.

Hell, I didn't even like Sceptile until Pokkén.

It's a rare moment to be able to say that I'm on board with all three of these mid-evos. Usually there's always that one that just doesnt sit well with me (Chespin's, Squirtle, and Mudkip's evo).

:\ Hmmmmm... So far I'm not digging these starters as much as past games. They lack an iconic quality to me, or maybe just an endearing sense of design.

This is the first time I feel that the real essence and personality of these creatures comes out when you see them in 3D. For Example, simply looking at Litten and his evos art, I'm not a big fan....but when I see them in motion, I'm in love.

These designers are no longer designing sprites, so I guarantee they changed their approach to design.

How they move, how they react to getting attacked, etc. The artists never had to consider any of that before X & Y.

Agreed. Not that Sugimori's artwork is lacking, but you have to see these mons in 3D to get the full intention of the designs. I've wound up liking everything better once I saw it in game footage, especially Bewear.

Except Black and White, that was the first handheld canon entry to have fully animated Pokemon, X and Y took it further by making it a 3d rendered game.

I was honestly looking towards picking that cat and had little interest in the ugly seal thing but it's evolution has swayed me. Not to mention the cat giving up the lazy indifferent look sort of sucks.

I liked Popplio, but I hate it's evolve form, it looks creepy.


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