Beyond Good and Evil 2 teased yet again, Ancel says game is in pre-production

Endangered species - now saved - Game in pre-production - Stay tuned !

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I know how Mr. Ancel doesn't specifically say Beyond Good and Evil 2. He leaves out that little bit just to wrench the hearts of Beyond Good and Evil fans a little bit more!

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Tue Oct 04 16 06:19pm
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Nine years of development.

Still in pre-production.

Taking that Zelda influence pretty seriously, I see.

Well it's a trend now:

The Last Guardian
Shenmue III
Star Fox Zero also was released 10 years after Command.

These things take time now.

"Pre-production" means it's probably not out for three years.

Andrew Eisen

No icon bro?

Nope. Way too lazy to bother. But hey, that kaleidoscopic pink thing is nice.

Andrew Eisen

Yeah, pretty much. Heck, some games can spend three years alone in pre-production, though I doubt Ubisoft would give this game that much wind-up time. I think some people were hoping to see BG&E2 in the NX's launch window, but that's definitely not happening.

I know how Mr. Ancel doesn't specifically say Beyond Good and Evil 2.

It's gone beyond that…

Pre production!? WTF!?

Pre-production? I guess it will be a while before we get to see any sort of footage. Hopefully NX will be one of the platforms that it is going to release for.

They keep trolling so I'm calling it now that the graphics on NX will be like this & much more.

Beyond DUKE Good and NUKEM Evil FOREVER 2 *coughs*

Pre-production ? What the hell ?
I mean the timing of the announcement is still perfect for it to be an NX title. But that means at least two years from now.

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