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Thu Oct 06 16 09:18am
Rating: 6

Both of them. PS4 and Xbox.

Great! But for which platforms?

Thu Oct 06 16 09:18am
Rating: 6

Both of them. PS4 and Xbox.

I like the cut of your jib

Thu Oct 06 16 09:33am
Rating: 1

Thank you I cut it myself.

Thu Oct 06 16 09:43am
Rating: 1

If so the game should have been ready for those 2 systems a long time ago, I'm calling exclusive to NX.

Dude... Ubisoft also likes money.

Thu Oct 06 16 11:30am
Rating: 1

Ayy, but then why are they making Beyond Good and Evil 2?


It would sell best on the two better selling consoles.

Better than on the NX alone... well.. could be.

If rumours are true Bayonetta 2 sold pretty well on the U. But rumours.

Yes yes & with that said I hope they don't get too greedy & overlook us over the fence because we need those games as well.

Yeah, well. Could be on the two, uhm, "twins" and NX, but could be exclusive to any of them too.

No idea how much this game would sell anyway, but if the NX has some special feature and Ubi uses that like the gamepad with ZombiU I can see an exclusive NX release.

But hey. At least we know for sure now the game actually exists. ;)

Now from the art... should we be fearing the direction of the game?

Ya about time news came for the game & while I wait for more I might as well check out part 1 to see what all the hype surrounding the franchise is all about.

You should definatly try it out. It's a great game in my eyes. But I admit it's several years ago I played it though.

No worries I still have a lot of old games from the past so I'll be use to the old looks lol.

I still pla C64 games like Urudium ;)

Wow looks like someone has it out for you! Sad

Oh noes.... you eh? Eh? EH?

lol, no not me I didn't do nothing. After login I saw my message info & saw what I'm seeing now!

It was me, but it isn't what you think! Entity made an accidental double post, and I reported the duplicate post to get it removed. No harm, no foul

Ah ok good thinking but there should be a update to have a delete post option on here. Oh well, tally ho now.

Why should it have been ready a long time ago on those 2 if they are still developing? Or has every game for XB1 and PS4 finished development and future release dates are there just cause?

Because those 2 have a bigger install base thus making them decide oh ya we need to make this game soon to get it in those gamers hands. NX is about to come out next year & now talk of this game is floating around more just screams NX.

Thu Oct 06 16 02:01pm
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but since they have a big install base, they can release it almost whenever. they don't seem like they want to rush. Again, there are going to be other future games from other studios. it's not like every game is made at the same time and releases at the same time. Why is Paper Mario Color Splash only releasing now instead of a year or 2 ago?

Edit: Actually better examples would be Last Guardian and FFXV. They both were also first talked about a decade ago. They both are sequels to beloved franchises. They could have come out on PS3 which ended up successful. Or they could have come out before 2 months from now on PS4. Why the wait?

The way I see it is they held off on Paper mario because they knew 3rd parties were leaving them & no way was FF15 going to be made on ps3 giving how a headache it was to make games on the cell chip.

But that still doesn't say why FF15 or Last Guardian didn't come out like a year ago when everyone knew the PS4 was successful and they've had plenty of time. Knowing a console's success does not negate game development time. I'm not saying the game can't come to NX, but knowledge of a console's success does not the game would have been done and released by now. Again, if that were the case, other future games like Mass Effect Andromeda or Sonic Mania would be done and out by now.

The thick plottens...

Well, not really, but it's hard to believe rumojrs these days.

Dat plot, so thicc


I see no reason for them to just randomly announce this if it was nx exclusive. Oh well. I hope it at least comes to the NX for all the fans of it here.

Hmm...yeah, if it were NX exclusive I don't know why they wouldn't just save the surprise. But no mentioned platforms is promising at least.

I concur on both counts--coming to NX, not exclusive. Or maybe the reveal is soon and Ubisoft is building hype.

Given that there were a lot of people guessing the teasers were BG&E-related, my guess is that they were like "let's confirm this game and get it over with" at the last minute.

I'm really not sure about that anymore.
It just seems really random for them to announce this without having Nintendo confirm something on their part.

Well at least it's coming... ... It's coming!!!....

NX launch window exclusive... as long as NX sells a billion units in the first week... otherwise please wait until PS4/X1 ports are finished.

Well, let's hope the game isn't as underwhelming as its reveal.

Thu Oct 06 16 02:13pm
Rating: 1

I believe the rumor of this being an NX exclusive. I can imagine a Bayonetta 2 moneyhat scenario.... Nintendo needs third party support, Ubisoft doesn't want to fund a game that may or may not sell, there's a small but loyal fan base clamoring for a sequel... everyone wins. Well except for people who don't own an NX, but that's how the cookie crumbles.

Thu Oct 06 16 02:53pm
Rating: 1

This is the best thing I've ever seen.

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