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The feels. Man do I love this game. It oozes charm in both its gameplay and its artistic composition.

Nice rendition.

Despite how stern and picky some members of the fanbase are, I still am amazed going from the N64 SSB (my personal favorite) then to Melee before SSB4. Melee added a crapton of things to the point it makes you wonder if there's a missing sequel. So many trophies and the adventure mode make me wish my scratched disc could be repaired so I could replay it for a retrospective video.

Yeah, I rarely get emotional about things, but when I popped in Melee for the first time, I remember getting a rush like none I've ever felt before. I actually joined the competitive community because I couldn't get enough of that game, and the people in that community were just so nice and welcoming.

To me, Melee represents perfect game design in one specific aspect: It is infinitely deep, yet extremely accessible. Not many games can manage this. While it is technically possible to get that balance a bit better, I think that it is the finest current example of that. It defies the idea that a game has to be either core or casual. A game can be both at once. Melee, to me, is proof that depth and accessibility are not mutual exclusive.

I have many fond memories of it, and I hope that one day, we get another game like Melee. Speaking of which, it would be kinda fun to have an N64 mode where physics are changed and the side B input is disabled, lol.


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