Activision CEO looks back on his first interaction with the Wii & how transformative it was

Coming from an interview with Activision CEO Bobby Kotick...

“You see lots of experiences and have lots of experiences where you see something that is something beautiful or extraordinary or has great potential. This one, I was in Kyoto, and Mr. Iwata and Mr. Miyamoto – the two heads of Nintendo – said we want to show you something. And I went in this room, and this little table, and there was an old TV, a tube TV, and then there was a cardboard box and it had a little black box on it, and they had these two wands. He gave me one, he took one. And all I saw on the TV was a pond, just like a little pond with water. And he gave me the wand and said, ‘Go fishing’.

And it didn’t take any thought, I just went like this, and all the sudden I saw the kurplop of the lure and the water splash, and I held the wand, and as I was holding it, the force feedback started, and I could feel the fish, and I pulled the fish out, and I thought this is going to completely transform video games because the idea that you have a physical experience. You know, it’s a very visceral experience. And the controller is something that you do have this unusual visceral relationship to, but this was something really different. I remember walking away thinking, this is gonna open up whole new opportunities for games and who they are going to be appealing to.”

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That 'transformative' term always irks me in a wrong way... I more commonly find that term on the Internet as a scapegoat for Youtube content creators to make content out of not-proprietary pre-existing material from other sources, but with varying editing means to make something else of their own.

Including the really effortless edits...

Sat Oct 08 16 02:56pm
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Had Nin used the same actors from their first Wii commericals to show case the Wii U commericals then people would have known it was a new system but they never brought them 2 Japanese guys back.

Wouldn't they think it was just Wii again? :p

No because they would be going deep into explaining how the system works. They could have had the 2 guys knock on the door, then get invited inside, then pushed over the peoples wii to the side & started to unbox the Wii U to get the party started, then near the end they could have had the 2 men state all the content on Wii can be transfered over to the new system so all that money they spent on Wii doesn't go to waste. But to late now, NX is arriving soon.

Wii would like to play, with U.

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