Famicom Classic Edition - official Q&A

Q: Is it sold in limited amounts?
A: No, it isn’t. (Pre-orders may end after a certain amount is reached, but it’s not limited production)

Q: Can I connect Wii controllers or other market USB/wireless controllers?
A: No, you can’t. You can only use the controllers attached here. (The USB slot is for supplying power)

Q: How long are the attached cables?
A: The USB cable (for charging) is about 150cm, HDMI cable is about 150cm, and controller cables are about 80cm each.

Q: Is it [the console] a rechargeable type?
A: No, it isn’t. You need to connect the power supply at all times when playing.

Q: Can I output audio & video through the USB cable?
A: No, you can’t.

Q: Do I need the AC adapter for Nintendo Classic Mini: Famicom in order to play?
A: Even if you don’t have the specific AC adapter, you can still play with the supporting environments.
– USB-compatible AC adapters which can output 5V / 1.0A / 5W or more
– Standard-A USB slots in TVs, PCs and more

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So Japanes have it even worse with the controllers.

They should really start making normal USB controllers. I'm pretty sure they would sell more of them with all the people who want to have nintendo controllers for their PCs.

Who came up with the idea of 80cm cables? That's insane.

While I get it that they made them hard wired because that's how it was with the original Famicom.... 80cm (that's 2.6 feet) is absurdly short.

That's how they where at launch on the OG Famicom

I guess they're REALLY driving home the nostalgia accuracy, huh?

Yea I guess so. Which stinks cuz I think the Famicom has better games, but the NES has controllers that use the Wiimote port.

Mon Oct 10 16 08:01am
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If this were Sony, they'd sell first party only extension cables for $100 each. But hey, at least the console itself is cheap!

Hm... wonder if it will work with our adaptor?

NA and JP have the same power adapters. Even then, it wouldn't matter for this, since it has a standard microUSB port for power (thus, can accept ANY USB power source).

And then audio/video is through HDMI, which is a global standard.

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