Blast from the Past - Game Boy Color warning screens

Did you know that you would get a warning screen on Game Boy Color games if you tried to play them on a regular Game Boy? A large majority of gamers never saw those screens because they were putting their games into the correct systems! That means there's a ton of unseen art out there for some very old games. Thankfully there's an online gallery to check out practically all of those screens, and some of them are pretty gorgeous looking. This is one of those little, random pieces of gaming history that I absolutely love.

Check out the gallery here (thanks ReyVGM!)

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Imagine they did something similar for (disc-based) Wii systems, where you enter in a Wii U disc or movie disc (DVD or Blu-ray), and up comes a delightful warning screen.

I remember seeing the one for Pokemon Crystal as a kid. Had to beg my parents to upgrade to a Gameboy Color.

I pretty much never saw these screens since I got a GBC not long after it came out, and once I got that I practically never used my Game Boy Pocket anymore.

I saw these when trying to play a color game on my super gameboy. Seemed legit to me back then as a kid ...

I had no idea there were so many.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer for gameboy color? Right.
Where's that emulator again?

Madden 2002 cracked me up after seeing Madden 2001, Haha!


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