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Fri Oct 14 16 09:30am
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Oh wow, team rocket looks terrible too.

Yeah, especially Jessie. But I also notice that all the females suddenly have more hip... It looks off

For some reason this is what pops in mind.

(From Naruto btw)

Heh, I remember that, despite never having watched Naruto.
Nooooot too sure why this came to mind for you, though!

Well, the characters already look pretty shotty to me, so it would be interesting to see if they have a mistake like this.

And yeah, I never really watched naruto, but that is still funny to see.

Ash looks better in artwork than in the magazine

why didnt the pokemon get updated too? they look so queer standing next to the trainers in a different art style

Yeah. That's something I noticed too. They Pokémon look completely out of place here. I imagine that in the animation, they'll look less out of place. But it's like they drew the people and then just copy-pasted old Pokémon art over it

The Alolan climate affects humans differently.

youve made a sport out of bad posting. congrats.

I actually like the artstyle, I like the animation, what I don't like is the fact that they're trying to shove Yokai Watch's wacky protagonist Nate into Ash's personality.

Yeah... I just don't understand why. Its not like Yokai Watch was destroying Pokemon anime in ratings (in Japan). They usually both have around the same ratings with Pokemon coming on top on some weeks wile Yokai watch on the others.

Why does oak have a mullet

That's not Oak!
...Well, it's Oak, but not the Professor Oak from Pallet Town. This is his Alolan... cousin, I think? Brother, maybe?

Oh gotcha I haven't really been paying attention to Pokémon (trying to avoid anymore spoilers that Pokémon company is spoiling) recently so I just guessed that it was professor oak

Ah, I see. Sorry if I spoiled this for you then

no you're fine you answered my question Smile. i'm just frustrated with the Pokemon company showing everything before the game is released.

Yeah, I feel you there. When it all started, I thought to just watch the trailers and nothing more to stay clear from spoilers.
The moment I realized they're really gonna show everything of the game through trailers, it was a bit too late, and now I'm just in it till the end. Usually I avoid spoilers, too

I mean I get why they are spoiling everything because it builds hype but it ruins the adventure of a new generation of Pokémon. I stopped following the trailers a little while ago and my hype for sun and moon has decreased a bit but I'll probably still get moon.

This will be the first season of pokemon that I will not give a dang about watching. They just effd up big time.

I cannot take Ash seriously with that face.

WTF Ash looks a lot like that fugly Steven Universe show... Jesus, what happened to shift the art and mood to this BS? They really are taking a lot of inspiration from cancerous TV shows now, aren't they?

Okay, not liking the art style is one thing, but you seem to have a lot of anger bottled up inside of you

Fri Oct 14 16 04:28pm
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Quite frankly, despite being someone who thought everyone's reaction to the league of XYZ was overblown, I still do not take kindly to a sudden flipflop and dumping of older concepts/connections. From what it seems, this series will pretty much throw away every trace of character development that Ash and TR have in favor one of those school themed settings. That was why I absolutely HATED Yu-Gi-Oh GX as a kid (watching the original series and then quitting the franchise after not getting into GX), and its also why I can't stand a majority of modern anime as they tend to focus on the stupid high school setting for some reason. At least Ash isn't in high school, but considering their inspiration I have zero faith in this being a good show even if it wasn't given the Pokemon name. D:

My only true hope is that they'll do a Digimon Tamers and have the school setting make sense while also keeping a serious story planned for later on. But from them advertising it as a comedy series, it seems blatant that the Pokemon anime has changed direction just to get ahead in ratings (Since despite the higher quality episodes, the show doesn't too that well in Japan compared to other anime, from what I hear at least.)

This is also coming from someone who didn't mind BW that much, but that's mainly because I realized how that stupid 2011 earthquake shifted the entire tone of the show due to horrible timing and a ton of bad events.

Yeah, I see what you mean. And I probably would be more annoyed myself if I weren't out of the Pokémon anime after season 5. But who knows, maybe this direction might be good? I'm actually somewhat interested because it's such a sudden big change, so I'm curious to see what they're gonna do.
If it turns out to be bad, then oh well. But I can imagine if you are more invested in the series, it hurts

ash looks like something you'd see on a bootleg copy of pokemon

I have a feeling they followed Japanese fans request again, like when they made Team Rocket cool but Japanese fans clamored for them to get back to their stupid selves... maybe Japanese fans asked for a more cartoony/wacky series... :/
Still, I'll wait to see how it goes, and we have to remember we aren't the target demographic for that show, it's young kids... So we should always have been ready for a change like this. The show is to bring new fans to the games, not to please old ones. The Origins series and that new Generation one are to please us. Not this.


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