The NX preview trailer will be roughly three minutes in length

The NCL Twitter account mentioned something major in their announcement tweet. The trailer will be roughly three minutes in length. That certainly won't answer all of your questions, but it is a start!

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Wed Oct 19 16 08:47pm
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You can show a lot of vegetable chopping and diving for cover behind couches in three minutes.

So, it will have the real date at the end, right?

Probably xD

But hey, the people who leaked the announcement said Nintendo will show NX's true name, its look, will confirm cartridges, show Zelda BotW running on the NX, we will probably learn most of its gimmicks...

Considering how long we had absolutelly nothing but a codename, this 3 minutes video will probably contain A LOT of information

Wed Oct 19 16 08:47pm
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You can show a lot of vegetable chopping and diving for cover behind couches in three minutes.

Wed Oct 19 16 09:11pm
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i don't get the reference...but I am pretty hungover this morning (combo happiness drinking for the official reveal announcement but also depression/debate drinking too)

Hahahah. Oh you.....

That should be enough time to go over price points for VC games and discounts offered for previous purchasers.

Will be great if they don't even show it, or mention a date. It'll be a skit where Mega 64 is just trying to break in again and we'll be none the wiser as to what the thing is or when we'll know more about it.

Wed Oct 19 16 08:59pm
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But to be fair, I actually expect something soon. Didn't most of those same sources say there would be news next week too? Maybe the full unveiling is sooner than we think?

Wed Oct 19 16 08:57pm
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Just a reminder, the Wii (controller) and Wii U first announcement teaser trailers were about the same length as well.

Wed Oct 19 16 08:57pm
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Teaser and lastly a date for the Direct? That's what my money is on.

Man, this is so very, very sweet! I'm now officially hyped!

Damn seriously, should I watch the trailer at work or finish my route first DAMN THE DECISIONS WHY COULDN'T THE TRAILER BE A LITTLE LATER.

the fatal ninja
Thu Oct 20 16 12:22am
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Just say you got to take a crap and then watch it in the bathroom or something haha

Wed Oct 19 16 09:10pm
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I mean, they definitely wouldn't do a full reveal with like 12 hours of notice. A tease and a proper reveal next week is a-ok with me.

I should be asleep at this time, but yeah I would advise just to watch it when you can, it's just about avoiding "spoilers" before. Well at least that's what I'm telling myself.
I still have to find the right link though .

Hopefully we'll get a Special Direct shortly before the launch!

I'm almost dreading that half the video will be them beating around the bush and then they'll basically say full announcement is coming at another date :p

Perfect time for me. Was really worried that it would be in the afternoon, during my classes. Will be able to experience this with everyone else.

If they can't sell the concept in such a concise timeframe then that's it for it, tbh.

... This won't be a Wii U, thankfully, though. Can't wait!


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