GoNintendo Thought - The NX reveal: The most important 3 minutes in Nintendo's history?

Can't believe that we're finally going to see NX. I knew the moment would come, but it seems so surreal that it's here now. In just a few hours the curtain will be lifted. I cannot wait to see what is shown, and I hope you feel the same way. See you in a few, short hours.

Months and months of speculation. Hundreds of rumors floating around. Endless amounts messageboard discussions. The build up for the first official reveal of the NX has been unlike any other Nintendo platform in history. Some say the silence from Nintendo has hurt them, others say it's only helped raise the hype. Those discussions simply don't matter anymore. We're going from being completely in the dark to being somewhat filled in tomorrow morning.

Nintendo rode a ridiculously high wave during the Wii and DS era. Those two platforms hit at the perfect time and made for an insane groundswell of support. Two bonafide hits for Nintendo, which was much needed after following up the rather modest reception of the GameCube. Thankfully the Game Boy Advance picked up that slack and helped keep Nintendo steady into their next generation.

Then we made it into the 3DS and Wii U generation. The 3DS faltered right out of the gate, but a number of corrections made by Nintendo made it a successful platform. Certainly not as successful as the DS or GBA, but no slouch either. Sadly, the Wii U didn't really do much of anything for Nintendo. It was met with all sorts of struggles right off the bat and it never, ever found its stride. It ended up being the worst-selling Nintendo console in the company's history.

Some people see the Wii and DS as flukes. An anomaly in Nintendo's history. Nintendo hardware had been trending downward for a few years, and while the Wii and DS bucked that trend, some believe the Wii U and 3DS picked up where the GameCube and GBA left off. A large number of gamers felt that Nintendo just didn't offer them what they wanted on either platform, which is why they went to the competition.

Now here we are at the NX. Nintendo is finally going to show us what the NX has to offer. We're getting a 3 minute reveal trailer and that's it. Just 3 minutes to show Nintendo fans what they've been waiting for. This is indeed one of the biggest moments in Nintendo's history. Hardware reveals are always major events, but this one seems to be carrying a bigger weight behind it than any other. This is an absolutely crucial moment in time for Nintendo.

Whether we like it or not, there will be millions that see the NX reveal and make up their mind then and there on a potential purchase. That's just how some people operate. I know most of you reading this aren't like that, but millions others are. Nintendo absolutely, positively has to start off on the right foot with the NX reveal. As a Nintendo fan, I want nothing more than to see that happen. That said, I do recognize that this moment in time could be the singular event that really defines where Nintendo goes in the future.

I'm not saying Nintendo will go away if the NX fails. I don't think Nintendo will ever go away. I think they'll be around and active in some way for the rest of my lifetime. That said, I believe the NX reveal to be the first step in that path ahead for Nintendo. This platform's success is key. There are certainly many paths ahead for the Big N, but which one they have to take is definitely tied to this moment.

I'm so excited for the NX reveal. I'm also equally nervous. As a Nintendo fan, I really want to see the masses dig what Nintendo does. I want the company to be successful. I wish them all the luck in their NX reveal. There's no doubt many hills to climb and challenges to tackle, but if any gaming company can do it, it's Nintendo.

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Thu Oct 20 16 01:57am
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Most important for Nintendo as a hardware producer. They're too good at development to get out of the software business. Which means most important for Microsoft as a video game company, because if Nintendo goes 3rd party it will be on Sony consoles and there will be no reason for anyone to buy an Xbox after that.

Thu Oct 20 16 01:56am
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The time has finally come. From first announcement in March of last year to learning the release month this past April...to now, the official reveal. Wow.

It's been a long time coming. It will be the shortest window between reveal and release in video game console history and hopefully it will totally rock us.

8 hours to go, my friends. Here's to some truly stellar 3 minutes tomorrow morning!

Thu Oct 20 16 01:57am
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Most important for Nintendo as a hardware producer. They're too good at development to get out of the software business. Which means most important for Microsoft as a video game company, because if Nintendo goes 3rd party it will be on Sony consoles and there will be no reason for anyone to buy an Xbox after that.

Thu Oct 20 16 08:30am
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For microsoft, it's not a big deal, since they said that Scorpio will be the last console they will launch

Thu Oct 20 16 02:28am
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I wish it was more than just a 3 minute reveal that'll probably just show the console as a silhouette from several angles with the most vague of descriptions and buzzwords aplenty. Or it could actually give us a good look at what the console is currently planned to look like as it delves into some of the cooler aspects of the console. Hopefully it's the latter.

Either way, I'm actually kinda excited. I didn't think I would be after such a LOOOOOOOONG wait since the NX was first mentioned by Nintendo, but I am. I'm still a major Nintendo fan in my heart. I'm critical of them only because I love them and it pains me to see them make some really bizarre decisions.

But as you mentioned, RMC, a LOT is riding on this one video. Especially after this long of a wait. There may not be quite Half-Life 3 levels of hype, but you can bet that expectations WILL be high. I'm crossing my fingers that it ends up being a cool console that will make me understand why Nintendo was so afraid of other companies copying their idea. I don't even mind if it's priced a little higher than Nintendo's recent consoles, as long as it's interesting (hopefully has plenty of third-party support, although I probably won't find out much about that from this 3 minute preview) and powerful. If it's not at least on par with the other consoles in this generation graphically, Nintendo will be severely behind the curve, UNLESS they market this as more of a handheld, since the PS4 Pro releases in a matter of weeks and the Scorpio will be out a few months after the NX launches. So we'll see another Wii U situation in terms of third party support if it's much weaker than the other consoles.

I know I know, Nintendo says they aren't competing with the other consoles, but regardless of what they say, THEY ARE competing with the other manufacturers in the public's eye, and losing according to sales. With the failure of the Wii U, they need to garner as much support as they can from the hardcore (that term sounds so dated and cheesy nowadays, but you know what I mean) gamers out there.

Tl;dr Blow us away, Nintendo, and I'll totes understand why the wait was so long.

I have been a dedicated Nintendo fan my entire life. Some of my earliest memories are playing Super Nintendo with my siblings and cousins, and I've been hooked ever since.

That being said, I can honestly say that I simply do not see a future for Nintendo as a dedicated console/hardware developer. As much as it pains me to say it, I am convinced that the future of Nintendo lies in mobile and multi-platform gaming and that NX will be Nintendo's last attempt at home console success before changing directions.

I will support Nintendo until the day I die, no matter where their future takes them. I am super excited about Super Mario Run on iOS. However, in recent years, I've picked up Sony and Microsoft's consoles in addition simply because Nintendo has not been able to satisfy my desire for gaming as the other companies have. I want to play the big AAA titles, and I don't get that on Nintendo platforms. Nintendo has always taken their own path, and I respect that, however in doing so they have alienated a large swath of consumer and it will be tough to get them back. Also, sometimes it is not always realistic or convenient to own multiple consoles.

I love you, Nintendo, and I hope you absolutely DESTROY it with the NX, but I'm not very confident that you will. Regardless, I cannot wait to see where we go from here, and I am with you all the way!


I think that might be slightly over-selling things.

I hope there collaboration with Apple led to some advice on revealing new hardware.

Excited to see what comes in a few short hours!

I'll keep it short and simple. Yes! Without a doubt.

Thu Oct 20 16 03:09am
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Very big moment at the House of Mario. I am ready for them to turn the industry on its ear again. I am ready to believe. Make me believe!

Also, what's the over/under on it still being named NX? Kinda grown fond of it.Nintendo X(Cross) a la Project X Zone.
Console X Handheld.....

I think you're spot on RMC! So excited for this one. To be honest though you just need to read Emily's rogers NX overview tweet and we'all probably find 95% of it is true just from the trailer :-)

The trailer itself will no doubt be like the Wii and Wii U reveal trailers...remember the chef chopping up his vegetables!?!

Would love to see a few seconds on the next gen Mario, the cartridges and I doubt they'll keep NX...but would be more than happy if they kept the name!

See you on the other side guys!! We've been waiting a while for this one...it feels like Christmas ever!! mince pie anyone!?!?

yes of course it is very important, crucial even. still I can say with confidence it won't be as well received as the ds and the wii . not even as good as the 3ds, still can't get over the travesty of that other guy.

right now the bad reactions are brewing, it's unlucky that the ultimate dream studio is also revealing their game . and what reveal exactly so like the other one but looking like gta5 ?
the rants are just being prepared, it's gonig to be so bad
but that was always going to be this way.

just please don't think for one second that nintendo devs team can survive , if it was that easy to produce software, sega would not be the yakuza yearly machine, and that's actually a better situation than before they stumbled on that. Just like mobile gaming did not create dozens upon dozen of great software each year, nintendo is not going to survive, well they can survive without hardware just as much as sega, or konami, heck maybe capcom minus monster hunter .
You might think otherwise, but please look at what exactly over the last ten years the guy behind crazy taxi did , panzer dragoon team did , yuji naka , mizuguchi , yu suzuki, and more importantly the dream team of the japanese sony psx team ....

Yep, it needs to sell the concept [unlike Wii U] in that time, or it'll meet a similar fate.

I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo Duo is the final name (dual purpose - home or go).

And I think if they sell that concept right [along with the probable iterative nature of this, their, imho, last new hardware system], it'll easily blow the Wii U and 3DS out of the water sales wise.

Excited to see the actual info, as well as all the meltdowns! :D

We got 3 Minutes and we're outta her ..the clock is ticking and we're in the clear we got 3 minutes.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oS5a4cL7Bo lol
Nintendo is going to shock everyone later today.

Just you all wait. I know it is going to be MEGATON! a Yamauichi-San used to say.
and thanks to Iwata-San for the work he did while he was alive ..that gave us fun machines and fun games to play.(even the NX..before he passed...)

I live for moments like this. Love it. Nintendo!!!


Only history can say whether this will be the most important 3 minutes of Nintendo history.

I am excited. Hope it is good. 4am here though agh!

Thu Oct 20 16 06:18am
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3DS was very successful and Nintendo has had the most successful software of the last 10 years.................

" large number of gamers felt that Nintendo just didn't offer them what they wanted on either platform, which is why they went to the competition."

This is not really true in the case of 3DS

3 mins goes to show Nin is not trying to over shadow the new 3ds games coming out & still waiting on S.M. to annouce those new Wii U games from a few 3rd parties like he stated. But NX hyper tears have started!

Hi everyone! (I haven't posted since the site changed, bit disappointed to lose all the post history etc, but things look nice at least).

Big day huh? I really hope Nintendo has had a long think about the reveal and the mistakes they made with the Wii U reveal. This 3 minute trailer will be their biggest chance to get their idea, their unique selling point, across to the gaming community and they can't afford to have any confusion about it this time.

I remember with the Wii U E3 trailer that they didn't show the console and the controller together, leading some of the less tech orientated general public to assume it was just a peripheral for the Wii. They kept using the phrase "new controller" over and over.

Also the first commercial was the same - remember the one with all the people in coloured blocks? It's entirely possible to see how someone would think this was just an add on to the Wii.

I remember the disappointment here on GoNintendo after the reveal. Personally I loved the Wii U despite it's many flaws and looking back it's got some great games, but Nintendo really took their eye off the ball made some lazy mistakes.

I'm hoping that the NX will be a return to Nintendo being smarter about their approach this time around. The rumours of a hybrid console/handheld are intriguing but having killer games is what will get people coming back in the long run. Nintendo has all this great IP and if they took a few more risks they could have something special. New Zelda looks like a step in the right direction.

One thing I hope to god is that this three minute trailer is something tangible.
I don't build up for a stupid logo with "2017" at the end.

Give me hardware! Give me software too if you don't mind!

Thu Oct 20 16 07:31am
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I'll be working during the reveal but you better believe I'll be sneaking away for a 3 minute bathroom break. Ha ha.

Hoping for the best. I believe we won't see much in terms of games... rather the name reveal and a look at the hardware. Probably a model sitting on the couch playing Zelda and then removing the system from the dock and taking it on the go.

Thu Oct 20 16 08:05am
(Updated 1 time)

The Wii U is Nintendo's least successful home console in history.

Saturn... Dreamcast...Jaguar....

Sorry, I meant Nintendo's least successful home console. I was correcting RMC, who just said the Wii U was Nintendo's least successful console; which is wrong. In doing so, I made a mistake myself. I will edit.

Hehehe. All ok, mate ;)

Dreamcast actually outsold the Wii U on its 2 1/2 years of existence.

So we have to wait 17-18 years to compare????

I can't wait to discover the whole Hybrid console/Handheld is a fallacy they leaked into the ether. When they reveal that this new system has Tounge Gesture Imputs and that StarFox is a Launch title...oh man

Great little piece of writing RMC, I pretty much echo your sentiments.
I am one of the diehard Nintendo fans who believe the Wii U is a criminally under-appreciated system, and deserves so much more attention and praise than it ended up getting. There are probably many reasons for this, but probably the number one thing that hurt them from day one was their message and marketing behind the system. Like you, I really hope they can correct this for the NX, and give it the marketing push it needs to, if not reach the levels of success of DS and Wii, at least be a bigger success than the GameCube.

And now it is time to watch what Nintendo will reveal, see you all on the other side! :-)


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