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Thu Oct 20 16 10:09am
Rating: 7

But, lonely dog just wants to enjoy a nice walk with his human ... Sad

I'm for this. Good video and I want to see more.

Well....holy crap that was interesting

Thu Oct 20 16 10:06am
Rating: 1 (Updated 2 times)

Just what I was expecting video wise and hardw[img][/img]are wise. Can't wait to find out more about this.

Switch...huh. It'll grow on me. Just too used to NX.

2K? Nice hint at 3rd parties Nintendo.

From: https://twitter.com/RPGSite/status/789105480492646400/photo/1

Wii U received exactly 1 game from 2K Games. One. Also, Marvelous Entertainment was also on the third party list, who went on to develop zero Wii U games.

A list of third party companies doesn't meant anything, especially when a good chunk of them don't/won't develop new games and the list is missing an incredible amount of companies when compared to Sony's. Also, any one of them can drop support, like EA had in less than a year (4 games), TakeTwo had after just ONE game (NBA 2K13), Marvelous Entertainment (zero Wii U games developed), and the rest.

I know that this is just a small portion of what could come in the future, but I'm going to wait a year or two (or more) before buying another Nintendo console. Deep down, I still don't believe that third party companies are truly back with Nintendo like they are with other platforms.

Well how about that... NX is called Switch... Interesting video... Ready for more of this. When do we get more info? Haha... Gonna be interesting.

Thu Oct 20 16 10:06am
Rating: 1

This is sooooo much more than I thought they'd say/show.

Thu Oct 20 16 10:06am
Rating: 1

That Mario game ... in my veins!

Thu Oct 20 16 10:06am
(Updated 1 time)

...you know that with this new official name I'm basically authorized to pull out as many corny Sukima Switch jokes as I can, right

I have so many questions! But... first impressions, I like it!

Thu Oct 20 16 10:07am
(Updated 1 time)

So, the Wii U failed because it didn't feel like something new. And so, to turn things around, Nintendo unveils a new console with images of games from previous generation.

Apart from that, great concept!

Well, kind of. Skyrim is a remaster coming to all platforms (now including Nintendo!) and heaven knows which NBA game that was... some say 2K 2016?

If it helps the Nintendo content was new. The mario and splatoon footage aren't from any Wii U game that's for sure.

That's true... but my concern relies on the public's perception. For them, NSMBU was the same as NSMB Wii. Just like Switch's Splatoon is the same as Wii U's.

Why? Why is an "Upgraded Port" the go to assumption? People talk about sequels all the time and now out of nowhere "Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon Port with updates" Like what the flap even lol.

Except the only people who played those games were people who owned Wii U's which, like you said, weren't many. It's not like they were showing off Minecraft port #1563.

Besides, if PS4 can be wildly successful off lazy ports alone, who knows what these could do :^)

I hope they don't keep us in suspense for the next few months about things like transferring digital libraries over to it.

Thu Oct 20 16 10:07am
(Updated 1 time)

That was awesome!!!!!!

The name will grow on me but yes!!!

Also, Bethesda is apparently on board?

I agree, good stuff! I wonder if the game footage we saw was real?

Was that... Skyrim? Didn't play it, so I may be wrong...
That looked great. Nice tease of the next Mario. Also port of Splatoon confirmed.

Thu Oct 20 16 10:09am
(Updated 1 time)

Yup it was! Bethesda is listed at the end of the trailer when they show who owns what trademarks and copyrights.

That's not a port of splatoon. They showed new content.

More customization could be just part of an "enhanced port" thing. I mean, it would be totally feasible to add these in an update to the Wii U version. But well, there was not enough shown to say either way.

I'm wondering why a "Enhanced Port" Is everyone's assumption. Why call it an enhanced Port and not just Splatoon 2 when the images shown aren't from the original?

Oh, pretty much confirm Skyrim then!

The most amazing thing about this: I actually don't hate the name. Huh.

Did anyone saw the Inklings? New stuff!!! I'm sooooooo HYPE!!!! Worth it!!!

Thu Oct 20 16 10:09am
Rating: 7

But, lonely dog just wants to enjoy a nice walk with his human ... Sad

Thu Oct 20 16 10:09am
(Updated 1 time)

Well, I think they did a good job showing what the system can do, not sure how I feel about the name. My only issue I can think of at this time is how small.the Switch side panel controllers seem.

I do hope switching from console mode to handheld mode is as quick and stress free as they have shown.

I dunno. Expected something elese, tbh. We'll see.

Developers can design their games supporting a variety of play styles, which gives gamers the freedom to choose an experience that best suits them. Some of the publishers, developers and middleware partners announcing support for Nintendo Switch are as follows:

• 505 Games

• Activision Publishing, Inc.



• Audiokinetic Inc.

• Autodesk, Inc.

• BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

• Bethesda


• Codemasters®

• CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.

• DeNA Co., Ltd.

• Electronic Arts

• Epic Games Inc.

• Firelight Technologies

• FromSoftware, Inc.

• Frozenbyte

• GameTrust


• Gungho Online Entertainment, Inc.

• HAMSTER Corporation

• Havok



• Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

• LEVEL-5 Inc.

• Marvelous Inc.

• Maximum Games, LLC

• Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.

• Parity Bit Inc.

• PlatinumGames Inc.

• RAD Game Tools, Inc.

• RecoChoku Co., Ltd.

• SEGA Games Co., Ltd.

• Silicon Studio Corporation

• Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.


• Starbreeze Studios

• Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

• Telltale Games

• THQ Nordic

• Tokyo RPG Factory Co., Ltd.

• TT Games


• Ubitus Inc.

• Unity Technologies, Inc.

• Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

• Web Technology Corp

Not to purposely ride the Konami hate train, but I wonder what they have to offer xD.

Thu Oct 20 16 10:21am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Wishful thinking, but I REALLY hope they take advantage of the rights and push a new Bomberman on the NX- er... Switch.

MGSV Definitive Edition would also be good.

What a great trailer. Love the name and logo. I have faith in Nintendo's marketing and direction once again.

The concept is not bad but it will probably be underpowered and/or high-priced, and the home controller looks bulky.

Wow, it looks interesting. Can't wait to see games and hear more about its features. Most of all it's just SOOOOOO NICE to finally know what it is.

Also, that standalone controller looks a bit cheap. I hope that's just because we're only getting glimpses. I hope they put out some nice, hi-res images.

Thu Oct 20 16 10:12am
Rating: 1

I'm ready for the Switch. Now can't wait to see more about the system's power and the games and other features.
As for all the Emily Rogers haters, LOL.


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