New Mario title revealed for Nintendo Switch

We don't know anything other than what was shown in the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer, but there is certainly a new Mario game on the way. Can't wait to find out more!

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Super Mario Mexico.

It's gonna be a strategy game.

Mario will have a base and you can make many types of different drugs there. You're gonna have to be smart and sell the drugs to the US. The objetive is to be the biggest drug lord in all Mexico.

What could that reported comment could possibly be about ◔_◔


(I'm so the first guy to pull out a joke like this one I swear)

Donald Trump's the final boss confirmed.

It looks a bit more open, and way more full of life, than Super Mario 3D World. Consider me hyped!

Thu Oct 20 16 10:26am
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;It also suggested it had multiplayer because the two women played together on the rooftop. Keyword is suggested.

Also poor Luigi getting placed in the back...

Thu Oct 20 16 10:29am
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The mexican town gives me Paper Mario vibes to me. Maybe the worlds will be more diverse than your typical forest, dessert, ice land etc places.

Saw the trailer...it looks incredible.

Nice a proper looking mario game. I'm not the biggest fan of the 3D land/world top down isometricish layouts. Makes me feel like I'm a lab rat.

Amiibo compatible?
I'm ready for the next wave of info, Nintendo. Bring it.

Thu Oct 20 16 11:00am
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So excited by the whole announcement, and yes this Mario game definitely seems more open and free-roaming than 3D Land/World! Don't get me wrong, I loved both those games too, but I would love to see a return to more "true 3D" Mario platformer style, whether it's in the vein of the Galaxy games, or the less linear and more wide-open worlds of 64 and Sunshine.

Ugh, March can't come quickly enough!

It's most certainly a 3DWorld sequel. This is going to irk a lot of people at first... but it's a good thing, really. This will be the Mario launch (window) title with a new Mario game coming later in the Switch's lifespan.

Hoping this isn't another obstacle course Mario game - leave that to 2D Mario's please!

A true 3D mario game. Finally! I just hope that in regards to the 2D games they have the 3D world series replace the NSMB games and use whatever this is to make an explorative game


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