What version of Mario Kart was shown for the Nintendo Switch?

What version of Mario Kart is that? It might look like Mario Kart 8 at first, but there are some notable differences. For one, King Boo is making an appearance. Second, there's two item slots in play. Is this a new Mario Kart or an updated/expanded version of 8?

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I imagine it'll be an updated build of MK8, but will be called Ultimate Mario Kart or something [not MK9, despite being the next iteration].

Same with the Splatoon Remaster[?] we saw in the trailer.

I would guess it's a new(-ish) one building off the same engine, basically a Mario Kart 8.5 or something.

Double dash update is coming to the Wii U as well omg! For those that wait which was teased by Nin awhile back!

Huzzah! If Nintendo won't give me Double Dash 2, this is the next best thing.

Thu Oct 20 16 12:23pm
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This is great news my friend!

I hope these enhanced ports have deals or something for those who bought them on the Wii U, but knowing Nintendo....

Of course not. It's one of the reasons why they updated the games... to justify the repurchase.
I don't mind too much... The system looks nice. It's like what the Wii U should have been.

I'm thinking they will update these for Wii U & I hope I can use my Wii U gamepad on the Switch as well just to have more control options when playing on the big screen ect.

I noticed it too. It looks to me like an updated version of Mario Kart 8. I also noticed in the Splatoon gameplay that Inklings had all different hairstyles, a feature Splatoon currently doesn't have. So what's up with all this updated Wii U games?

Ports are quicker and cheaper, and it's not like most of the intended audience has played them.

True. I'm a curious to what kind of changes they made to those games. But I also wonder what this means for people who already own the Wii U version.

Thu Oct 20 16 10:29am
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Guessing an updated MK8. Probably have all the DLC, a few new tracks and characters and some gameplay tweaks. It'll probably be a running theme for the first year of it, taking Wii U games and putting out definitive versions here like with Splatoon and probably Smash Bros. etc. Which, as disappointing as that might be for all of us who've played them on Wii U, is a good idea IMO. It's an easy way to beef up the line up and appeal to those who wanted those games but couldn't see enough value in the Wii U with its lacklustre third party support.

Unless they made some kind of retrocompatibility like if you can acess your digital games of the WiiU on the Switch (Since the Switch don't use discs), I'm going to skip these one's since I quite happy with the WiiU versions (and I try not to buy it again if I already have some version of the game regardless of performance and system)

Hmm like taking the HDD from the Wii U & plugging it in the back of the Switch dock to access all your digital games on it. I won't be selling my Wii U because maybe I can still use my Gamepad on switch to play with my family & have more then one screen at home.

Could potentially be a Mario Kart 8 with a decent battle mode. I"M IN! and give me Birdo while you're at it.

I would just like to point out that roy is in this image.

Everything else about this image seems just like Yoshi's circuit on Mario Kart 8. I'm curious about the double items as that is one of the things I LOVED about MK8 (first place not always having two items to block red shells with). They've been hinting at MK8 DLC for awhile now as well - that I feel is the more sensible of the two.

Can anyone see who is in front of King Boo?

Roy is on the map as being behind Mario.

koopa troopa and maybe dk?

RMC has his doubts in the wrong places... if I'm not wrong, the circuit that has been displayed here is Yoshi's Circuit from Double Dash, a circuit that has been revived for both MK7 and MK8 (as a piece of DLC)!

Mario Kart 7
Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart 8.1

If they take the microsoft route, we can expect Mario Kart 10 next.


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