Bethesda says they're 'thrilled' to be working on Switch

It's certainly nice to see Bethesda working with the platform, even if it's just a port of Skyrim. Still a very important moment for Nintendo, and the public opinion so far seems to be very positive on the port. Good news all around!

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Well since my Xbox 360 died,I'll pick this up for Switch! Smile

I will DEFINITELY pick up Skyrim on Switch if its out at launch.

I'm sure zenimax is happy about the phat check nintendo cut for this Smile

Quite the SWITCH from Bethesda's usual neglect towards Nintendo! Huhuhuhuhuhuhu.......

..... *leaves room*

Just wait until to hear what was the reaction from the Japanese Kamen Rider fans!

I wish Nintendo had secured the next Oblivion as an exclusive, even timed. That would have been giant. Still, really nice and surprising to see Skyrim on this! Hopefully it's not a one time thing!

Thu Oct 20 16 12:38pm
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If you went back a week in time, people would laugh in your face if you showed them this.

Thu Oct 20 16 12:40pm
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Hard for me to get excited about such an old game that many people already own. It reminds me of that Batman Arkham City port for WiiU.

True, but there is at least a benefit here in having portable Skyrim which is exciting for a game like that.

Yeah, but isn't this some "deluxe" version or sth? Was never a fan of Skyrim. But then again I mostly watched others play it.

It could be. I never got into Skyrim either.

Nice to see they are on the boat though.

Gah all this news. How am I to finish Okami now? Hehe

Never thought Bethesda would ever actually support Nintendo, so this was a surprise!

Yeah, was quite shocked to see the game being played on the system. Did hell freeze over?

Great news but I'm going to pass on it for an original game from them. But good news for other people that want the game on the system tho.

The cycle begins....

I hope the Switch version supports mods, like the XBone version...can't see Nintendo not letting them do that, but who know, they might not.

Bethesda support? Color me shocked...

If Bethesda brings Fallout 4 to Switch, then it might be a console to take seriously


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