Mario Switch - A better look at gameplay footage

I am loving what I see so far! Looks like an interesting vibe for a Mario game. I want to know SO much more, but I know it's going to be a long time until that happens!

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I noticed the house in the background left side started to move when Mario jumped back down!?

That's an effect most likely caused by the stabilization software.

lmao, oh no incoming update!

Thu Oct 20 16 01:01pm
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Hate to be the contrarian guy here, but this (supposedly) hub world looks boring...

(Maybe it has to do with me not liking desert scenarios in general but come on, one of my all-time faves was the desert ambiance in Croc: Legend of the Gobbos!)

I personally do not think we see a Hub in any of this. I think it is just a more open level. I doubt they'd make a Hub like that, tbh. ^^

Don't get the hub comment at all....

It seems a lot of people think that bigger area you see first is a Hub, since it looks more open than the second clip, showing Mario walk through what seems to be a 'level'. Since people expect the Mario games to be linear for now, basically, seeing that larger area might simply have made many react to it as being a hub.

Not saying it is not, but I've seen no indication to that it is not just a bigger level, haha.

Remember, this was all just a tease. We shoulf get more info aroind the investor's meeting. Footage too, I hope.

Well, I said 'hub' just by first-sight assumption, as with the little tidbits we got we can't say anything else about it outside from what we can see.

And yes, from what I can see that scenery doesn't seem like a fun place to be in to me...

Looks a bit plain really. Hope it's just some "we have a Mario game for NX, but this will NOT be the final product" ;)

Haha. A pretty cool looking little Mexican village there.

Oh dear. People are now assuming it's a hub world? Hit the breaks.

I'm still pretty salty it should have been a SM64 remake, the colorfulness of it just looks so amazing.

Oh and that dudes username, love it.

I was instantly reminded of Samba de Amigo!

Definitely looks like Super Mario 3d World II. The second screen is VEEERY similar in structure.

It looks a lot like a desert version of Delfino Plaza from Super Mario Sunshine to me.


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