Various Switch devs share excitement over working on the platform

Now the really hard part begins. We have to wait to see what these companies are doing! How long will we have to wait for a software-only trailer?

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Awesome! New Mega Man game incoming?

Wow, those sure are a lot of companies that are gonna do lazy ports, delay/cancel their games, or drop support six months out! /s

But seriously though, this is a good sign to a good start. Here's hoping we get some quality titles from these 3rd parties throughout the console's lifetime.

Launch window would be key. Like with the Wii U the main concern with partners is how quickly the install base grows at the beginning. In that sense I think Nintendo will need to push it forward with Zelda and another big game.

Still it seems that most features aren't weird for third parties, the only two aspects they might have issues is the cartridges and the ability to run on the handheld. I'm assuming they acknowledge what their partners need this time (?)

I remember that E3 when Nintendo showed up on screen a bunch of logos of different developers supporting Wii U on a white background. Deja vu.

Skyrim on a cart......what else do you need to say? Let that sink in...

If they nail 3rd Party in the launch window and follow with a steady stream afterwards , the sky is the limit! Zelda @ launch alone nails it on the 1st Party side. It is shaping up to an epic launch....

Uh huh sure.... and then you'll cancel games and drop support the following 9 months.

Heard this song and dance before.

Aren't you a pessimist... If the launch lineup is made well and performs decently, then that's what counts.


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