Nintendo says Switch is a home console 'first & foremost', shares future of Wii U/3DS

Coming from a Nintendo rep

“Nintendo Switch is a home gaming system first and foremos. We have made no announcement regarding the future of Nintendo 3DS. Obviously with sales of almost 60 million 3DS portables worldwide, there’s still a huge hunger for new games, such as Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. There are many more games in the pipeline.

We have nothing to announce about the production status of Wii U. We announced in April 2016 that as we prepare for the launch of Nintendo Switch in March of 2017, Nintendo will ship 800,000 Wii U hardware units to the global market for this fiscal year. As a result, the inventory of Wii U hardware at retail will become harder to find. We encourage anyone who wants Wii U to communicate with their preferred retail outlet to monitor availability.”

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You must be fun at parties.

Thu Oct 20 16 01:41pm
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What about the Nintendo 2DS™, and the New Nintendo 3DS XL™?

They said the same thing about the DS during the GBA/Gamecube era. It was supposed to act as a "third pillar", but with its popularity it quickly pushed the GBA into retirement. If this thing takes off I fully expect Nintendo to consolidate their resources and focus on one platform.

I'm betting money now that Pokemon releases a few more on 3DS before moving on.

I feel the same but I hope you're wrong. If gamefreak isn't going to use the full capabilities of the 3DS, they might as well move on to the next thing withoit said features.

Of course they won't cause they would need to update their assets.

I love the 3DS, but I am ready for Nintendo to move on. The 3DS hardware is almost 6 years old now. Games are being limited because of it as well.

They did, it's called 'New 3DS'.

.... You know what I mean =P

Of course it is - it was debuted as a home console first.

The 3DS comment thing is cute, but we all know it's being dropped by the end of next year completely - the Nintendo Switch is Nintendo's platform from here on out.

Here's the thing. The Switch isn't as portable as the 3DS. The clamshell design of the 3DS along with its size allows me to carry it around and streetpass even though I already carry around my phone. The Switch is bigger and has no clamshell. I would need to put that thing and its controllers into a case in order to be able to carry it around.

It's way too early for such speculation, but I can honestly forsee a more refined (maybe even exclusive) portable version of the Switch coming out later in its life to make up for the eventual end of the 3DS' life. Something like a "Switch DS" or "Switch Personal".

Thu Oct 20 16 04:41pm
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A Switch Lite... or Lite Switch?

I had that name in the back of my mind, but my hands just didn't want to type it out. And it's a really opportune name if there ever is a new rendition.

That's the price for powaar.
Also console games needing a bigger screen.

My main concern is like with the Wii U's gamepad is. What happens if this thing gets broken or stolen? Will this mean the account system will get better?

Also in regards to indie and digital games. Will that get saved in an SD?

I'd be surprised if Nintendo goes another generation of tying peoples accounts and purchases [and saves] to consoles.

Surely with the work being put into My Nintendo, there'll be more convenient/practical ways to handle accounts. But whether or not we'll have to start ponying up for extra services like Sony and Microsoft does is still anyone's guess.

I honestly hope it goes away. Only one piece of Nintendo hardware would do wonders for eliminating software droughts.

Nintendo rep said:
Nintendo Switch is a home gaming system first and foremos.

I'll believe that when I see it.

I guess the statement could technically be entirely true because "foremos" isn't a real word.

I'd like to see what it's capable of first, because right now it looks like an overly expensive handheld with a absolutely wretched name.

Thu Oct 20 16 02:40pm
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Then why strangle it with handhelds shortcomings & limitations???
Why do I need an extra screen hidden in the dock?
Why do I need a battery that never will be used?
Why do I have to pay/settle for expensive underpowered miniaturized mobile components in my HOME console?
Only useless extra costs & unnecessary tech bottleneck!
I didn't realise that Switch is short for "shooting oneself in the foot"!!!

You must be fun at parties.

Aren't my questions valid???
It's like a car having wings, a periscope & pedals... if I'm not gonna use it, why pay more for it? Worse it limits the performance of the package!!!

You need to just stop and take a breath. Calm down buddy. Seriously, take a pill. You're overreacting.

You'll find that all cars have pedals

hahaha, very funny, hahaha! Happy???

You'll find that I am happy pretty much all the time, bar a few moments in life!

& that's a very good way of living!!! Thumbs up ;)

If this "Switch is a home gaming system first and foremost", then it must come with the pro controller in the box, mustn'tit???

It comes with the Joy-Con thing which acts as an oddly shaped Pro Controller.

You can't play on the TV if the screen isn't plugged into the dock, so you have screen less play from the start.

Thu Oct 20 16 05:01pm
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If it's a home console first then give me the pro controller in the box & sell the portable atachments to whoever wants to play on the go, seems logical no? I don't want the cheap lego fragile controller with that horrendous excuse of a D-pad!!!
"You can't play on the TV if the screen isn't plugged into the dock, so you have screen less play from the start."
I'm not sure why you wrote this... are you trying to adress a critic I made? I don't understand, really...

Badly conveyed way of my saying that the screen being in the dock means you aren't using it "mobile" and will be using a controller.

Also, your logic is horrendous. Neither the Wii or Wii U, dedicated home consoles, came with the Pro Controller. It's sole purpose is for people who whine about funny shaped controllers and attachments that are the standard for Nintendo systems now.

It comes with a "normal" controller. It not being normal enough for you is your own problem. That doesn't make it any less a home console.

I like how some portable gamers are seemingly forgetting that size isn't an issue, as laptops and tablets have been a thing for many, many years now! :p

yeah it doesn't matter what we think about it, they see it as a home system . But hey at least maybe we'll get a 3ds2 at one point. As for the third pillar talk, yes that's double marketing speak but this time it's not the handheld system that is being replaced but the home system.

I'm definitely not happy at all with this line of thinking, I see using mobile components for home system as absurd and detrimental to games. It makes no sense to me to optimize a chip if that one is going to stay plugged in.

If it's a home console, then release a home version for the switch, that has no second screen (that is not gonna be used when docked) no battery (because we are not using it when docked) and at a lower price. Maybe then I'll buy it if the game library is good enough

Thu Oct 20 16 05:11pm
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I know, right???
What's the point of having a screen & a battery if it's going to be played on the TV???
Worse, mobile components are more expensive for less performance & performance has to be limited because of battery life & heating issues!!! It's like designing a car like a boat, with boat-like properties despite it never going to the sea...
Keep these "joy-cons" with the lego-like attachement & horrendous D-pad out of the box & give the real controller out of the box & let the people that want to play on the go buy it separatly, I mean, if it's home console first & foremost, this is how it should be done right or am I mad???

I'll probably buy it anyway. Because of the games. But the console itself has 0 appeal to me

Thu Oct 20 16 04:41pm
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People mad at something they know 10% about, this is fun!

Next E3, Nintendo announces the Nintendo Micro Switch to replace the 3DS.

I hope Nintendo continues to make a dedicated handheld console alongside Switch. Yes, it's awesome that you can take it on the go, but I don't see it as a full handheld replacement. It's too big to carry in your pocket everywhere you go, it seems like you'd need at least a small bag to carry it around. I just don't see it as a system I'll take around everywhere and play on the train or bus. I'll probably mostly use it at home plugged into my tv, and sometimes take it to a friend's house or social event to play with other people.

There is still plenty of room for a true, dedicated system IMO. It's nice to hear Nintendo say the 3DS isn't being replaced anytime soon. I'm hoping for some nice New 3DS exclusives before the system gets replaced. That hardware is such a big improvement to the original 3DS that it deserves to be fully utilized.


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