Switch rumors - motion control, multitouch screen, dock secrets, Beyond Good & Evil 2 & more

All this info comes from Laura Kate Dale, who has proven herself extremely trustworthy with information. She has gone through multiple sources to get this information. Still, it's all rumor until Nintendo confirms. If you hit up the source link, you can see just how Laura got all this info.

- Switch will be region-free
- Joy-Cons will support motion control & rumble
- Switch dev kits support Wiimotes
- motion support will be confirmed closer to launch
- the Splatoon and Mario Kart games will support motion
- Breath of the Wild will support motion control for things like gyro aiming, steering, use of the magnet ability
- the past six months have been legal and pre-development discussions between Ubisoft/Nintendo for Beyond Good & Evil 2
- discussions included budget and direction, project scope, and how much of previous development efforts could be salvaged
- October art teases were the result of the project reaching a point where all parties were confident they could re-announce it
- Switch screen is a multitouch screen, used for menus, for drawing, for certain games
- all Switch games need to be playable with the handheld in the console dock, all Switch games will be playable without touch
- dock will have additional processing power
- maximum battery life of three hours
- price, release dates for regions, launch software and spec press releases are essentially ready for release

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By antiquated controls I assume you mean analog sticks. I too was worried I would have inferior precision aiming in games like Splatoon and Zelda, so thank goodness the Switch continues with gyro controls.

Pretty much seems like motion and touch won't really be the focus because the system will need to be able to function without them depending on the configuration. Basically, if you don't like either of those, you won't need to worry.

So long as they are optional, I think it is for the best. It would make people like me happy and not piss off those who want to use those antiquated controls.

Fri Oct 21 16 04:09pm
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Antiquated is a funny way to say that... especially considering how well motion controls work when done properly and considering current VR even uses it a lot. If anything, traditional controllers are closer to being antiquated considering they are not nearly as precise as either keyboard or motion. There's a reason why the best Splatoon players exclusively use motion. It's ok if you don't like them but flat out lying about it is another matter. But hey, opinions and all.

Motion controls are fairly dead right now on real gaming machines, and VR is a fad that is already dying. Plus, motion controls have never worked well, even on VR.

Traditional controllers have stood the test of time because they work. There is a reason people love the traditional Nintendo D-pad and get pissed off when they see rumours of controllers without buttons. People love how they feel. They are precise and feel good. More so than any wand could ever feel. In fact, some of the best Splatoon players turn them off. What you say is untrue.

Lol, seriously? Motion controls don't work in VR? OK dude, I guess you just don't want to be taken seriously at all then. Also, having more control options is not worse than having less.

VR is never going to take off fully. Too many people get sick from it, and there are too many factors to consider to prevent nausea on everybody. Plus, there isn't a VR game yet that plays any deeper than a bad Wii minigame.

I'd much rather use a controller and be 100% certain tha tmy inputs will be registered appropriately.

Fri Oct 21 16 08:29pm
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Definitely going to jump in here and just say, while my personal experience is no definintion of really, well and truly neither is yours. My crowd for example uses exclusively motion controls except for games like Smash.

Going back to strict buttons is like going back to manual windows and manual transmission in my car. There are some hipsters who think it's best that way but the rest of us progress with what makes life easier.

This is of course very strictly a subjective opnion on my end. If you dig buttons awesome but as some of your later posts say defining motion precision as poorly disregarded fact is obviously superlative hyperbole. That is of course not a fact but if you dig it, awesome, carry on!

People hang out with people who are similar to them. Not a single one of my friends use motion controls. In fact, they find it to be a detractor.

A traditional controller is accessible and fun to everyone. A motion controller is divisive. Traditional controls are more fun and precises, which makes things less tedious. No more re-adjusting, having to be perfectly still, and wailing around. Just relax and play.

But yeah, if we have options, I am fine. I just hate being forced into using them. Motion controls were shoved so aggressively down my throat that I have begun to hate them to the point that I will not even entertain the idea of trying them anymore.

By antiquated controls I assume you mean analog sticks. I too was worried I would have inferior precision aiming in games like Splatoon and Zelda, so thank goodness the Switch continues with gyro controls.

Analogue sticks have survived the test of time showing that they are an essential mainstay. Motion controls have been pushed aside for the most part by almost every company.

The Dualshock 4, Switch, Steam controller, and every VR platform all have motion controls, so really the only company that's pushed them aside is Microsoft with the kinect.

Dualshock 4: I can't recall many games ever using it or forcing it.
Steam Controller: Same.

VR: it is already dying off.

Wiimotes need to die... I hope they do not come back. Same with motion controls. What is the point in moving away from the Wii if they bring it back?

At least, the message has been about "choosing how you want to play", so I'm hoping the pro controller will be an option 100% of the time.

While I agree that Wii-motes need to die and that we all really need to move on from those. I believe that "Motion Controls" aka Gyroscopic aiming or tilting, definitely need to be a mainstay in gaming. We all just need to stop referring to it as "Motion Controls." It's a stupid term that conjures images of waving controllers around frantically in the air like a crazy person.

While dual analog setups are fine, they really should be supplemented with gyro aiming on top for finer control.

I think they ought to die since they control poorly, but if they do stay, optional, always.

Work smart, not hard. You may be used to doing something a certain way and find it the most efficient... but sometimes new tools are introduced that make the job a lot easier.

And sometimes, the old tools are just better.

We call those novelties or superfluous. But proven tools are proven tools.

Like traditional controls.

This is going slow.

Motion conrols work better than traditional controls in quite a few cases. Not all, but quite a few. You're going to have to start accepting that instead of demanding they quit being utilized. It's just being stubborn and counterproductive to demand that.

Isn't it counterproductive to ask for dying controllers to remain?

You have to be more apecific. "Dying controllers" sounds pike battery controlled controllers.

Motion controls are a dying breed. It's become more of a niche thing.

That's actually your wish, not reality. Case in point... this article... Switch is keeping motion controls because why play Splatoon in a less effrctive way?

I don't know why people would play with motions either. Sticks are way better.

And the reality is that only Nintendo made heavy use of motions. It is niche now.

Although some of this seems obvious enough (motion control in the Joy Cons... YEP.), I'm pretty much fine with all of this. Bring it on!

There goes my idea about the touch screen. Great info RMC!

I think they'll make use of it for things like Mario Maker. There's just going to be an option to use buttons as well.

I wonder what new functions they wohld implement if MM was ported to Switch? Wonder if the Switch has a camera actually?

Honestly, I just I just want new themes, like desert, snow, marsh, temple, etc..., costumes that can be given abilities by dragging an item to the costume, ability to use every single powerup in every mode, more course elements, Luigi, etc...

THIS. While I disagree on motion controls from earlier it does irk me that some elements of the game are version specific while others are crossed over. Silly.

Also environments would be cool. My big thing is tilts/slopes.

Yeah, I want slopes. An idea I wanted is to have several cool powerups based on a bunch of franchises.

Let's say you get a Power Garlic. As Mario, you would get Wario's overalls and get his signature tackle and a ground poud that can break more solid blocks. If you had a Wario amiibo costume, you could drag the power garlic on the costume and then you could transform into Wario and have the Power Garlic abilities.

it would be a pretty ambitious thing, but it would be awesome to see for costume-themed courses.

I thought about this.... character power ups but if I had that then I'd want a world that those fit in (i.e. enemies that respond to those rather than just blowing up the Mushroom Kingdom).

I would just love an NES Maker. Truth be told

At least one of her sources has got to be Ubisoft. That battery life though.

Sat Oct 22 16 04:38am
(Updated 1 time)

Indeed that battery life... I'd say it should be at least 6 to 7 hours. Also I'm still hoping it has a 3D screen, now that would make this thing shine ^^

Fri Oct 21 16 03:53pm
(Updated 1 time)

Lost her at the processing power of the dock. Nintendo already said that the dock is just for tv output and charging

It is pretty big for being just TV output and charging. Also looks like there are SD slots on the side.

"The principal function of the dock, then, is to output to the TV and charge and power the system."

That's very vague, its not saying there couldn't be more processing power. I just don't think they're ready to talk about it right now. I definitely think there's more to it. They haven't even confirmed multi-touch yet. I wouldn't be surprised if the dock adds additional power, since it looks like it connects via something like usb c.

The dock is not the main console unit of Nintendo Switch. The main unit of Nintendo Switch is the unit that has the LCD screen, which the two Joy-Con controllers can be attached to and detached from. The Nintendo Switch Dock has been created so that it is extremely easy to seamlessly switch from playing games on a TV to transition into a portable mode.

None of this says the dock doesn't provide extra processing, just that it's not the "main console", because Nintendo doesn't want people thinking the handheld is dependent on a dock/console like the Wii U gamepad was. "Seamlessly switch" and "portable mode" leave open the possibility that mobile and docked gameplay actually perform differently.

That gamestop article just jumped to conclusions.

It also has usb ports and other port on the right. But I'm betting it wont have any procesing power

I'm betting storage and standby downloading even when the system isn't docked.

Reading her actual text, she do mention it could only be that the console overclock when docked because it has better cooling and/or power supply.

All very nice to hear

Fri Oct 21 16 03:59pm
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I feel like this reveal trailer was aimed more at a core gamer demographic and there will probably be later marketing aimed at the casual or non-gamer closer to Holiday 2017. The motion control should have been no surprise to anyone with Just Dance being the first third party title announced for the system.

Also, it's hard to stay competitive in Splatoon without motion control; that's like trying to compare mouse and keyboard to dual stick.

Dual stick is super precise compared to motion controls IMO. Anyways, I am hoping they continue to market solely to core gamers. Core gamers create the new generation of gamers.

Fri Oct 21 16 08:13pm
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You can keep claiming that to be true but it's not. People who use motion controls in Splatoon wreck people using the twin-stick mode. That's a fact. Aiming is quicker and more precise with gyro controls.

We get it. You don't like motion controls. That won't change that gyro aiming is something you have to use to keep pace with the top players in Splatoon. You can plug your ears , close your eyes, and deny it all you want, but none of that will change the truth. Sorry.

Fri Oct 21 16 08:22pm
(Updated 1 time)

And yet there are many people who do very well without it. Heck, the sticks are horribly calibrated on Splatoon and people still do well with it.

I really hope the next entry fixes the stick inputs though. With so many shooters around, it's a wonder why they screwed it up.

Fri Oct 21 16 04:08pm
(Updated 1 time)

damn 3 hours of battery life is terrible. its hard for me to wrap my head around why nintendo would do that. I mean i guess its primarily a home console but still.

the dock with extra processing power is a smart thing though. the dock needs an ethernet port fingers crossed for that

Fri Oct 21 16 06:58pm
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Probably because we aren't there yet to be able to produce Wii U+ graphics & power running an entire system (remember, the Gamepad just streams stuff from the Wii U and was only a display) for a handheld unit. Gamepad only lasted 3-5 hours, and that is with it doing WAY less. So for an entire system doing that, it is impressive in comparison.

That said, this could be the worst case scenario. Full brightness, sound up, running a game the whole time. Who knows?

true. I mean i guess it makes sense most gaming laptops batteries don't last long on their own.

Thank god. Motion controls are still a thing.
There are things i can not play without motion controls anymore.

The battery life could be just the batery life of the dev kit. This might change.

Additional power from docking station sounds good too.

I guess the rumors are true. Every switch rumor is true.

So pumped for this thing!

"maximum battery life of three hours"
Not great, but better than my Wii U gamepad. I'm always close to a charger anyway.

well that's what I want to hear so I'm a bit worried now lol. I hope they slightly upgraded the joycon to the m+ standard, not that anyone will ever use it but you never know. They can get around the lack of pointer , in fact right now if you point in the wii u menu and then block the wiimote ir camera it still works, it's smoother even. Not as great as the original but still.
so mariokart hopefully they keep it, you just don't change that now. For splatoon, it would be horrible if they drop the focus on motion control , every time I play the splitscreen mode it's just dreadful so counter intuitive.
I just don't get how at the very least gyro assisted aiming isn't more

I do hope they allowed the wiimote , I still don't get how sony and ms "dropped" their previous controller since you know they are identical. unfortunately though the bad faith coverage will always guide the choice. so if that does create "confusion" then ...

3 hours yeah that does seem like the actual real norm, it's not like any thing can have a better battery . It's the equivalent of 3hour under heavy load. 5 would be better but we all know it's not a lock.

region free would be great in case of another ml3 oh sorry extroopers . but at this point I hope digital thing will just avoid us the trouble.

extra power on dock I've read that given the exhaust thingy it might activate the fan when plugged in, so that might be it ?

man I just hope this was indeed the core/enthusiast gamer reveal and they'll indeed show motion assist and control at a later date, also a good stylus not those monstrosity of silliness . and you know, something new

This would be great if it were all true. We'll see. . . .

If true, I wondered if the dock would provide more power. Microsoft's Surface Book, for example, has two parts that can disconnect and reconnect, the screen and the keyboard. The keyboard provides additional battery life and if you get the optional NVIDIA discrete GPU, the keyboard also provides additional processing power.

When I read that the Nintendo Switch console is basically the device with the screen, I wondered what kind of performance we'd get while detached from the dock. Sure it'll probably spend most of its time docked, but I if the rumors are true about the dock provided extra processing power, I guess that means the performance of the undocked Switch won't be all that great.

Motion control shouldn't be listed as a rumor. Just Dance is coming to the Switch, and I dont see how else it would play on a console that doesn't have some Kinect-like camera.

I agree completely, but that said, I believe JD 2017 has a feature where you can use a smart phone as your motion controller.

All of this is great news, and believable. Only bad one is the bit about the handheld needing to stay in the dock to play on the TV (so no dual screen gameplay), but the trailer pretty much told us that. And the battery life, but you have to sacrifice something for performance like that on a handheld.

I'm glad if touch is back, it definitely makes menus and inputting information so much easier. It makes sense that everything can be compatible both with and without a touchscreen - Mario Maker wouldn't be unplayable without one, but it would be a lot slower.

I noticed how similar the wireless controller connections look to the 4-player Wii and WiiU systems, so it's not a surprise if wiimotes will still work. Hopefully the WiiU pro controller works too!

Probably the least likely of these rumours are the dock processing, as that adds cost to the system, and the lack of region-locking, which I'll believe when I see it. Here's hoping though!

Gaining region free over backwards compatibility is proabably a necessary evil.... Unless they linked us like the wii...

Ooooh yeah Breath Of The Wild gyro aiming makes too much sense. Also, there's someone I've blocked (for a good reason) saying Wiimote needs to die. No, it's DUAL STICK SHOOTERS that needs to die, jesus christ, it's 2016 and we're still using that clunky method to control the countless shooters we have.

But come on man, in their "opinion," twin sticks are more precise! Hahahaha.

Thanks for reminding me about the user blocking feature!

The Wii remotes really should be compatible. They're my least favorite way to play but if they go away, Wii virtual console games go away.

Fri Oct 21 16 06:53pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

What I also like about the Switch is that they are a Nintendo branded Headset dock away from VR. Has anybody noticed that yet? Controls for each hand? possible boost of power from the dock? WiiU proprietary wireless data transfer speed to the gamepad? Possibly use wiimote plus for VR interaction as well?

It is getting more awesome by the moment....the potential....

Fri Oct 21 16 08:05pm
(Updated 5 times)

I don't understand her reluctance at admitting that the pic of the dev kit from 4chan was the real deal, it's exactly the Switch, how can she say that it "is likely mocked up based on rumours. I do not argue that it may look similar, but this is not the real thing." is she blind???





She got her stuff right, she doesn't need to be a dick about others correctly leaking stuff too!

Well, she say her sources (who have dev kits) said that it didn't look like any dev kit they have...

Battery life killed me. If its 3 hours my soul will die a little. How is that even remotely acceptable?

What I am interested in is the memory capacity. The idea of just switching out sd cards I find stupid - I don't mind carts though. These huge AAA games are a lot of memory, I'm ok with slipping in a card with the game. As long as I have more than 32 gigs to download indie games or the like than we'll be ok but I'm not going to have a stash of cards to fumble through for my dl'ed games.

It'll more likely be 5 hours in the final retail product, but battery life hasn't improved for many, many years, whereas recharging tech has. If there's an easy standard way to charge the NS out and about [and at home], then it becomes a moot point really.

That's just the unfortunate reality for all battery reliant tech atm.

5 hours of consistent use would be ok imo. The gamepad was a sorry point for me due to its ability to die off the charger in use or out.

CUrrent tablets are fine for me. I I stream a lot of content/play alot of games the battery drains to be expected butwith my Galaxy A and E I can pick it up 5 days later off the charger and have it at 89% battery. That's what I'm crossing my fingers for but that's top of the line battery life while Nintendo consistently uses bargin bin basement $0.99 products. If you know what I mean.

Fri Oct 21 16 11:22pm
(Updated 2 times)

I hope touch and motion controls return, but I also hope they aren't restricted to being optional control methods, and that developers can design games exclusively around them. I've been disappointed that developers never experimented much with the unique controls provided by Nintendo's last few systems. We got a handful of quality games* that couldn't have existed on other platforms, but I still feel that there's a lot of untapped potential, a lot of unique ideas still waiting to be explored or elaborated on.

*And some not-so-excellent games that still had novel control schemes.

A region-free console would be sweet, but as a wise man once said; hope is a mistake.


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