RUMOR - Joy-Cons to have analog triggers

Why is this even worth mentioning? Well, for anyone that's been waiting for Nintendo to release GameCube games on a Virtual Console service, this would be the chance. If the analog triggers rumor is true, that would remove one of the biggest barriers for Cube games on a digital service.

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This girl has been nailing rumors, and also has a blog post up detailing her process (and failures) of vetting rumors. She admits when she messes up by not doing homework, and her other work has been spot on and overall trustworthy. +1

She's definitely got my respect and puts forth new information that rests on her reputation. It says a lot when you put that on the line. Too many other people (coughEmilyRogerscough) try to weasel out of it by just saying "well, it's subject to change so I'm not responsible, grain of salt, blah blah." Having confidence in what your sources are saying and presenting the leak resting on your own reputation. That's the right route. She's said far more than most and has been right far more than any other.

It definitely looked like it from what I could tell during the trailers. I'm still surprised Wii U didn't.

Analogue triggers would mean the possibility of F-Zero GX style controls coming back for racers. I think it is a must.

I think they looked obviously analog. Otherwise they would look like buttons, similar to the WiiU triggers.

That's good for developers but there was a separate rumour/suggestion that you could use Wii U Pro controllers with Switch. Those had digital triggers so, poof, you get to pony up another $50 or whatever.

Best news I've heard so far!

Ever since I saw the controllers I knew the look & color was not final.

This could mean we could get a real paper Mario game to play again

I'm confused. Just what exactly is an analog trigger and how will it make paper Mario great again?

An analog trigger knows how far you are pushing it in.

So for example, in a racing game, the right trigger could be the accelerator and how far you push it in would control how much gas you are giving your car (all the way in would be flooring it.)

Not sure I agree in the slightest that Paper Mario needs analog triggers to be a "real" entry, however.

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Thanks for the reply!
I was actually pretty bummed out by the lack of this feature with the Wii U. Something about it just feels so much more natural.

Giving us GameCube game and getting the paper Mario people want

RMC said:
If the analog triggers rumor is true, that would remove one of the biggest barriers for Cube games on a digital service.
But... but the GameCube Controller Adapter. Nintendo could still use that to play GameCube games on the Wii U.

Switch doing analog triggers probably mean no Wii Classic/Pro controllers and Wii U Pro controllers. Sad I hope the system can still use both.

yeah why not but it's truly not that important


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