Shantae & the Pirate's Curse - Super Shantae Nab footage (retail exclusive mini-game)

Check out the footage at the 3 minute mark...

Thanks to Eorx_ora for the heads up!

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That's really bogus :/

Slap in the face to early adopters that went digital because it wasn't available on retail.

Are you being serious? This game is 2 years old digitally. If you told someone that if they waited 2 years from the release that they would get a insignificant mini game that people would even consider it? No, because it's 2 damn years they had, and this game is just a small nod for paying more.

It's like people don't even get the concept of early adopters. You're playing it first. If you are really that worried about making sure you get absolutely everything why don't you just not buy any games till the next gen of that system come out. Because that's how whiny you sound.

Sat Oct 22 16 09:27am
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Indeed its a slap in the face & I want a patch now. Its also funny that for 2 years the eShop was running false ad on One Piece unlimited world red & no one dared to say anything until I called them up to get my money on the dlc that is suppose to transfer from wii u to 3ds 4 weeks ago. But damn Shantae got it going on & I gotta give her that lol!

Fun times.

It's no longer just game purchased on platform X comes with bonus Y or game purchased at retailer Q comes with bonus R, now it's game on medium E comes with bonus F. Yes, this has been going on for a while with the STUPID 3DS themes but this is a little dirtier of a move, WAYFORWARD.

However, it does underline the fact that NO ONE SHOULD TRUST DIGITAL. So, hooray for that.

Is this included in the Japanese release?

They have to give players SOME incentive to pay twice the price for a 2-year-old game.

Nice YouTube bait thumbnail ya got there.

Couple it with a [GONE SEXUAL] tab for maixum clickbait effectiveness!

They spun their WarioWare DIY microgame into this

Retail-exclusive content? Not cool.

I see this less as something retail-exclusive and more as something little extra for people who are buying it 2 years later. Do people get upset when a game releases later as a GOTY edition with added content? This is the same thing, really... Except that the extra stuff is even less significant, and the time gap between releases is larger

Just checked the footage. Really? People are really getting upset over a very basic mini-game being exclusive to retail?

Well, I already bought the game twice so I'll not get it again physically (altough I will consider another go on Steam in a sale, I really love the series), but that mini-game doesn't bother me much.

However, I do remember seeing that on the Matt Bozon WarioWare DIY.


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