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Closest thing to the real deal until March.

That's pretty cool.

Nice, the transparant seeming thing at the bottom of the joy pad is missing though.

Other things are missing as well, like the relief/impressions at the back of the console

Yup. They're missing the charging port on the bottom, joycon release buttons on the back, and the rubber bumpers under the joycons. I appreciate the effort they went into making this though.

I didn't notice those vent like structures on the top. I wonder how they work because I remember those reports about the switch having a fan which doesn't make much sense to me.

My guessing is that in console mode the dock oberclocks the GPU and it needs a fan to cool down. While in handheld mode it doesn't need to display in 1080p so no overclocking and the fan is off.

Because a fan would eat up that battery life and the screen is more then likely only 720p to cut cost and power usage

Makes sense. The thought of moving components in a handheld also sounds pretty terrible.

Yup just ask my 5 PSPs

I obsessively click my stylus on 3DS and Wii U so that I can tell that flap is going to be really annoying... I hope there's a way to lock it in place.

That's for the game card I'm guessing so I doubt it. If it's anything like the PSTV, it'll just be a simple cover.

I meant the kick stand thing

That flap thing actually looks really flimsy. I just hope it can be removed easily so it can be replaced if it gets damaged.

What do you mean you "click your stylus", and how does the kick stand make that annoying?

I unwittingly play with it (pushing it in and out and therefore it "clicks") until it becomes dull and doesn't stay in anymore and I can see the same happening with the stand.

Anymore questions?

Sun Oct 23 16 04:15pm
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Nope. I get it now. Well, guess it's time for you to get rid of that habit!
I know how difficult that can be, since I am a notorious nail biter, as much as I don't want to be...

Wrong dimensions, or at the very least, their curvature is off. And of course lots of details (some no one knows about yet) are missing

Even with a few things missing it's a really nice representation. It's a little like being able to size it up and mess with it before it's put on sale or Nintendo at least tells us more.


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