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Wed Oct 26 16 11:52pm
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The other 5% is made up entirely by investors. :P

Wed Oct 26 16 11:39pm
Rating: 1

What's the percentage in applause time?

That would be 9.5 slow claps out of 10.

You're welcome.

Charles Foster Kane would be so proud.

This is good! Better than Wii U reaction maybe. Oh well, Nintendo is always fun anyway

And this is just YouTube, they have another 7 million from Facebook.

Hopefully this translates to actual sales, I would hate to see Nintendo just not do well in the home console market again as it means they would have a lower budget for games that I possibly would want to play. Views and likes are nice, but they are also free.

Guys that's not directly related to this but I guess it is. Sort of.

That Karen meme is going completely out of hands, it's hilarious.
Here's a few examples :

I like the Karenception one. But really Karen Joycons are all we need.

Brady bunch karen, lmao!

Damn, poor girl is getting it from everyone in the world. This is going to crush her acting career as she is going to lose her mind saying stop making fun of me lol! Bad bad internet lol!

Haha ^^ I love it.
And it keeps going, fanarts, trailer parodies and whatnot. It's awesome ^^

We need Karen in future SB dlc. Hitting everyone with her Switch tablet ^^

lmao, its bloody beautiful!

Wait, why would it crush her acting career? I don't understand what you're saying here

Maybe she could be very sensitive & not want ppl to make fun of her. Some ppl can't handle being made fun of & lose their cool.

People who aspire to be actors don't (or at least shouldn't) be afraid to be made fun of. In fact, it should be seen as an opportunity to gain popularity

I do miss the times when Nintendo was the 'winner' in the console 'race'. I do not care specifically about preferring what is seen as 'the winner', but I remember those times, despite the 'Wii is for kids' thing, the general gaming community was so much nicer and more positive.

Even the GoNintendo community is feeling the toxic, I'd say. And I hate that. :/ I really hope the Switch does at least very well from itself, and that it somehow brings some positivity around here again.

lol ah oh looks like 3ds owers are getting interest into the switch! Nin you better watch it as switch will over shadow 3ds if more views go into 60+!

Some of my fellow teachers in the school where I work have said they have an interest in getting a Nintendo Switch, one of them even bought a Wii U despite knowing about it (back when it was still called NX).

I still want to get a New Nintendo 3DS XL and a few games before "Switching", though.


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