RUMOR - Japanese journalist details Switch's Nvidia architecture

The following info comes from Japanese journalist, Nishikawa Zenji...

- Switch will likely use the NVIDIA Pascal ‘Parker’ architecture for its GPU
- the Tegra chip inside the platform could help the Switch evolve just like the PS4 and the PS4 Pro
- there are no indications that Nintendo will opt for the ‘Maxwell’ architecture within the Switc
- the custom NVIDIA chip will feature a floating-point performance around 1 TFLOPS
- there is almost “no possibility” that the Switch will perform above 1.5 TFLOPS due to the battery drive inside the Switch

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Really hope this is true. The efficiency of pascal vs maxwell is a massive gap. 1 Tflop (assuming the figure is at all comparable to Xbone and PS4's flop computations) would be fairly impressive.

Care to explain for us (me) who're less savvy with all the tech talk?

Pascal is the new generation. Not only it can go faster than the old one, it also use less energy to do so.
If it's the TFLOPs talk that confuse you, it's just a measure of how many opperations the GPU can make each seconds... but it's hard to use it to compare GPUs because sometimes the GPU can have special "shortcut" opperations that do the job of a couple of others, making some actions speedier, making that number an inaccurate measure.

In addition to the above, the Pascal "P1" (as opposed to X1) Tegra has two reported performance numbers. One is 1.5TFLOPS, but that's at 16-bit precision (to bastardize things, think of it as operations that a SNES CPU could do, but just billions more of those in a single second, but those operations are useless for 3D games) and 0.75TFLOPS in 32-bit precision.

A XB1 has a reported capacity of about 1.4 TFLOPS at 32-bit for comparison, and PS4 1.8, or 1.9, can't remember exactly, and those are nothing compared to the 4+ TFLOPS of the PS4 Pro, and the even higher number of the Scorpio coming next, but for the purpose of getting ports of games from the other platforms, since all games going forward need to run on the original XB1 and PS4, those are the ones that the Switch would have to be comparable to, at the very least so as to make porting not quite as difficult and thus cheaper for third parties.

But the report here suggest 1TFLOPS. either the guy is averaging the 16 and 32-bit numbers given for the Pascal P1 Tegra, which you simply can't do, sorry to say, it doesn't work like that :P, or he has more info that we don't have about perhaps a custom version of the chip made specifically for the Switch capable of performing more 32-bit operations per second than the base P1, which as I was saying just earlier elsewhere, might explain the need for a fan in the console, since normally those chips could be cooled passively, but in this case, maybe there's some overclocking involved, at least when the system would be docked.

Didn't Nvidia already confirm this at launch (kinda) - The high-efficiency scalable processor includes an NVIDIA GPU based on the same architecture as the world’s top-performing GeForce gaming graphics cards.

I know you could possibly read that as Nvidia not using the same architecture (Pascal) but I thought it was pretty clear already.

lms if you don't know what any of that means

Sun Oct 30 16 03:15pm
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so more like speculation. It's my understanding they say the wii u is around 175g flops, many are expecting speculating the switch will be around 500 and the more optimistic go to 750. Also nvidia flops (gpu)industry wide get the better of amd.

***** though, at the same time, they also say the wii u is barely at 360 level and to me that's pretty far from reality. Obviously I don't get how a vsync enabled game cannot be better than one that isn't, but even putting those quick launch ports aside. I simply haven't seen many 60fps solid locked games. so either the nintendo teams actually beat the very best elsewhere by quite a margin or maybe just maybe the wii u was more that what they thought. At the end of the day splatoon 3d world pikmin 3 or of course mkart8 are very well appreciated for what's on screen by those same people.
so bottomline going by every rumors, at the very least nintendo teams have a lot of room. I just don't see how 8-9 times more is possible, even twice to be honest. those wii u games are just superb.

Nintendo will always get the most out of their hardware because every facet of their software can be designed around their hardware's strengths and weaknesses. Third parties are often hamstrung by the abstractions they rely on to target multiple platforms.

the Tegra chip inside the platform could help the Switch evolve just like the PS4 and the PS4 Pro

This would make sense. Consoles will see multiple iterations per gen from now on after all [the Switch seeing an upgrade 2 years at the latest after launch, I predict].

Mon Oct 31 16 01:43am
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According to MS this might be the last "console generation" at least they are going to update their console every few years from now on. Sony haven't said something about this yet, but there are enough rumors.

Nintendo might do this as well.

Yeah, all 3 will [although it looks like Sony and Nintendo are going to avoid saying so for as long as they can]. It's the new reality [which started to come to fruition once consoles started becoming offshoot PCs].


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