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*cries tears of joy like the despicable fanboy that he is* No words... no... words...

I thought he already was (in both senses)

Geno looks good here.

Smashified has been pretty awesome with their artwork, would love to see them start to reach further out on characters (like, for instance, Blizzard games).

Though I love SMRPG, and Geno was quite the character then, still baffles me how so many people are such demanding of what was actually quite the one-dimensional hero.

Baffled because he's one dimensional? Geno's a lot less one dimensional than most Mario characters, and there's now how many in Smash (and how many of them really were needed)?

We're going through this salty sea again?

I'm just as baffled with the amount of people LOVE Cloud & co. of FF7 too for that same reason. And a character that shows up once suddenly has this gathering of people that are comparable to the fanatics about Sonic, just without the fanart.

Wed Nov 02 16 01:10pm
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What salt? I'm just baffled that you're baffled by the demand for a one dimensional character in Smash when there are already plenty in it.

And as for the one-off character thing? Maybe people found him especially memorable? More memorable than other more common characters? More memorable than you did? Opinions and we all have ours and all that.


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