RUMOR - Was swearing accidentally included in Mario Kart 8?

I've listened to teh whole clip and it certainly sounds like an f-bomb to me. Obviously Nintendo didn't catch this. I doubt they'd know it was there and try to hide it, or think it was manipulated enough to be included. Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!

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They probably just needed a recording of a conversation so it could be manipulated into mii noise. I'm more surprise someone actually took the time to analyze mii sound files in the game...

Splitting a game, movie or book apart is kinda like a hobby now.

Though sometimes there are more interesting results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YLakSs0mlU

Oh yes I know that fans like to split anything they can, but I felt that this mii sound was in a whole other level. Midna is an important character so it makes sense people are interested if what she said had meaning, and the chuchus are enemies that you encounter different times. This mii thing however, is a background, seemingly unimportant chatter so I just found it really weird that someone spent the time to analyze it xD.

Wed Nov 02 16 12:24am
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I don't think this qualifies as "swearing in MK8" but it's pretty amusing nonetheless. And a little scary that the guy was just browsing/converting/reversing these files in his free time...

What's scary about it?

I think it's ridiculously silly that you care this much about it to call it scary. If he wants to fiddle with a bunch of files, or anything else that's pretty much harmless that you wouldn't see the point in... just let him. It doesn't really effect you. So acting like he's some weirdo for it only makes you look bad here.

Yeah...I just found it bizarre that he took the time to do all this. I even up-voted the video... not sure what you mean by "care this much" but I think you're assuming a bit much from one comment. Trust me I spend my time doing pointless ish too, I dont care what he does and you can even tell by the way he talks about it in the video he knows it's odd. Plus I'm glad he did take the time because I got entertainment out the video. "Scary" wasn't the best word choice but still
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ obviously it doesn't affect me.

Wed Nov 02 16 12:30am
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some people, god bless em, have waaaaaaaay too much time on their hands

wasn't there allegedly swearing in the last mario & sonic, too?

edit: yup.

What in the actual f is this ?
Never heard of it before.


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